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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband. Gigabit Nation’s mission is threefold: 1) inform listeners how to get meaningful broadband into communities everywhere, 2) help communities increase broadband adoption and 3) provide a vehicle for people to work together – and with organizations – to get broadband done.

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When all else fails, do it yourself. This pretty much sums up the popularity and the effectiveness of community cooperatives (co-ops) in bringing broadband to rural and small-town America. Communities that big incumbents have... more

Sonic.net started a buzz several months ago when they announced they are selling 1 gigabit broadband service to the home for $70 a month. If this small provider can do it in rural California, why not in the big city, you ask? Sonic.net... more

Learn how this N. Carolina nonprofit is driving a major broadband stimulus project, the Golden Leaf Rural Broadband Initiative. As they finish round 1, the 12 Days of Broadband Campaign highlights some of the innovations that... more

Project teams and stakeholders responsible for regional and statewide broadband projects can learn a lot of valuable lessons from the fighting Badgers of the University of Wisconsin, and their private partner Packerland Broadband. The... more

What lies in store for community broadband as one of the main FCC champions of the public interest and non-traditional stakeholders retires this month? Commissioner Michael Copps is moving on after dedicating over 10 years... more

From the private sector perspective, what does the upcoming year hold for broadband developments in the U.S.? The Fiber to the Home Council and its members have been a strong driving force for broadband deployment since the... more

Faced with what they perceived as increasing abandonment by large telecom and cable incumbents, 47 communities in western Massachusetts banded together to create their own broadband solution. Their story is fascinating, instructional and... more

Tech people constantly trip over each other searching for the "next big thing." Broadband project leaders fret over how to increase adoption. Do they realize the average person is drawn to broadband by simple apps that make life and work... more

Broadband adoption is key to the financial and overall success of your broadband network. How effectively you drive adoption depends on how well you understand subscribers and prospects determines. Alcatel-Lucent conducted in-depth... more

In a 759-page document containing 84 pages of regulations the FCC, among other goals, attempts to reform the Universal Service Fun (USF) by morphing the $4.5 billion annual tax into the Connect America Fund that hopefully leads to... more