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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband. Gigabit Nation’s mission is threefold: 1) inform listeners how to get meaningful broadband into communities everywhere, 2) help communities increase broadband adoption and 3) provide a vehicle for people to work together – and with organizations – to get broadband done.

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It's back to school time once again. Time to pick up some pens, pencils, notebooks and...broadband? Students in four Georgia counties probably can't wait to get back to school this Fall because they're going to have some of the... more

23 small Vermont towns and townships banded together in 2008 to explore building a broadband network. They created a nonprofit corporation and raised over $1.2 million in two funding rounds offering $2,500 promissory notes. They... more

Chattanooga is one of the most high-profile success stories of a public utility making broadband possible in communities where incumbents are weak. But plenty other public utilities have launched successful networks, particularly in... more

Many people know about Chattanooga's fiber network. But did you know that the largest U.S. gigabit network also supports a 16 Mbps symmetrical WiFi mesh network, the fastest municipal-use wireless network? City CIO Mark Keil joins... more

When it comes to fighting for the public good, during his term as Federal Communications Commissioner (FCC) Michael Copps proved to be one of the best. He joins us to carry on the call for smarter pro-consumer broadband and... more

Since over $240 million has been raised for projects using Kickstarter, it is logical to believe that community broadband advocates can use crowdfunding successfully to raise money for network projects. Today's guest is Jase Wilson,... more

People are making a big deal over the Google announcement this week about their fiber project in Kansas City. But what does it really mean to KCK and KCMO? To the rest of the U.S.? The Co-Chairs of the Mayor's Bi-State... more

Today's show is for those who believe proper previous planning for their broadband project prevents poor performance. And for everyone else who believes better late than never. Though it sounds elementary, you have to plan... more

One of the partners in the recently announced AIR.U initiative to build wireless broadband networks in college towns is the United Negro College Fund. UNCF plans to leverage this opportunity to put historically Black colleges... more

It's Summer Camp for Geeks! 11 teams of innovators are competing in GigTank for $150,000 in prizes that will go to the two teams creating the best applications to capitalize on Chattanooga's gigabit network. Today Gigabit... more