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Craig Settles and guests discuss business strategies for putting broadband networks into place, as well as policy issues that affect community broadband. Gigabit Nation’s mission is threefold: 1) inform listeners how to get meaningful broadband into communities everywhere, 2) help communities increase broadband adoption and 3) provide a vehicle for people to work together – and with organizations – to get broadband done.

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Three years ago, July 27, 2011, Gigabit Nation launched to help public, private and nonprofit organizations get better broadband everywhere it needs to be. Chattanooga's gig network was my first feature. Join the show's 3rd Anniversary broadcast live from EPB, Chattanooga's public utility and operator of the first U.S. citywide gigabit network. Chattanooga is one of the rock stars of U.S. broadband. Meet key players from center stage and behind the scenes driving innovation, economic development and a better quality of life for the city's diverse constituents. An all-star cast of stakeholders are stopping by to help Gigabit Nation celebrate, and also share some of the inside scoop on three years of network milestones, marketing wins and plans for future successes. Learn about Chattanooga's fight against states' intrusion on communities' broadband decisions, and other ways in which the gig city is influence national discussion on broadband. Joining the show are: Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke EPB CEO Harold DePriest Jim Ingraham, EPB VP Strategic Research, Gigabit Nation's first guest Katie Espeseth, EPB VP New Products J.Ed Marston, VP Marketing & Communications, Chamber of Commerce Dr. Steve Angle, Chancellor, University of Tennessee Chattanooga Jack Studer, LampPost, Chattanooga Venture Capitalist Bentley Cook, Senvery, GigTANK graduate Sheldon Grizzle, Managing Partner, Spartan Partners Mike Bradshaw, Executive Director, The Company Lab
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