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GHOST GAB - Hosted by Kris & Mike of Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers. We gab about all things paranormal. Our website is

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Rocky Mountain Ghost Explorers Kris, Mike and J.P. discuss their recent investigation at Denver's Cheesman Park and Kris's first experience using the Ovlius.

Kris and Mike talk with J.P., the new member of RMGE about what they caught during their investigation at Fairmount Cemetery in Denver, CO

Kris and Mike discuss their recent stay at the Brown Palace Hotel in Denver, Colorado and the activity that happened to them there. They even compare the Brown Palace to the Stanley Hotel, with their thoughts that the Brown Palace is... more

Kris and Mike talk about a spirit box EVP session they did to attempt to ask a murder victim if it was her that lifted Kris's hair while Kris discussed getting a headstone for her bare grave.. And what Kris captured during this session was... more

Kris and Mike discuss the possibility that an entity has followed them home from a recent investigation they did. Listen to them talk about indicators that they suspect may mean something is now with them.

Kris and Mike talk about the ghostly form that Kris captured on camera as it formed from ectoplasm at the Stanley Hotel. It turns out that the ghost of Flora Stanley is what Kris captured. and wrote article about... more

Kris and Mike talk about their weekend stay at the Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, CO and share the exciting news about the haunted door to their room, 401. They talk about all the other cool stuff that happened too!

Children seeing and talking with spirits

The RMGE talk high level Albert Einstein like topics. Put your think caps on high gear for this episode!

Kris and Mike talk about their paranormal activity at the very haunted Stanley Hotel in Colorado. Ghost pictures, hair standing on end, little children playing, tower bells rings, door knobs rattling. and more! And an upcoming secret,... more