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This is True Capitalist Radio formerly known as True Conservative Radio program. Ghost tells it how it is and how it should be, call in to us... From Ghost: Finally got my BTR account back! Stay tuned and SPREAD IT AROUND LIKE WILDFIRE!

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Do YouTubers actually have any talent? Or are they self absorbed, sympathy peddling, talentless life losers who have tapped into audiences who identify? And is YouTuber JonTron being made a scape goat for more YouTube... more

It's Baller Friday! Markets teeter as Healthcare bill looks DOA. Establishment plots their next move after being busted lying about "wiretapping" POTUS. Advertisers pull ads from YouTube because of "Hate-based" content creators.... more

Stocks slide as Healthcare bill is delayed. Watergate's Bob Wordward says Obama officials could face jail time for "unmasking" Trump campaign intercepts. Democrats promise to filibuster Neil Gorsuch nomination. 4 chan's /pol/ strikes... more

Markets fall flat after yesterday's contraction. POTUS has been proven right about the "Deep State" wiretapping him and his campaign; FBI & MSM lied! MSM uses a 2005 Paul Manfort story to cover its "wiretapping" lies. Is the Healthcare... more

Markets go flat! Political establishment sick corrupt FBI Director James Comey on POTUS. Latest polls on POTUS are FAKE NEWS (Deep State & establishment subversion!) TCR listeners now being targeted by cell phone companies for... more

What do the graphics on Mass Effect: Andromeda mean about the current game development. Trolling is now a Federal Crime thanks to Kurt Eichenwald; what's the future of trolling? And other trolling/gaming/cyber culture related issues.... more

It's a St. Patrick's Day Baller Friday! Helter Skelter day in the markets. POTUS refuses to shake Angela Merkel's hand during meeting. Secret Service loses laptop w/ plans of Trump Towers. White House jumper on grounds for 15... more

Markets retreat, metals rise! POTUS proposes 2018 budget (19 agencies to lose funding). Fake war hero John McCain tells Sen. Rand Paul that he "works for Putin" on the Senate floor Rapper "Bow Wow" Tweets threatening to... more

Fed love taps the market with a .25 points rate hike. Trump's admin goes after Russian agents a day after our Russia Spy Network report. Rachel Maddow disappoints Liberals nationwide with her "Trump Tax Return" claim. Republican... more

Stocks slip prior to FED! Exclusive: American Left helped set-up Russia's spy network in the U.S. Ghost disagrees with POTUS on "Ryancare." Lucian Wintrich & Richard Spencer witness the power of the Capitalist Right's influence!... more
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