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This is True Capitalist Radio formerly known as True Conservative Radio program; the most underground Internet broadcast in the world! Ghost tells it how it is and how it should be, call in to us...

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Ghost makes the Alt-Right & White Nationalist look like mental midgets! Crypto & stocks breakdown! The sh*thole sh*t-storm continues with MSM. POTUS says DACA is dead and Democrats killed it! Hawaii send false emergency alert... more

This special episode was a consequence of Gab war between the Capitalist Army and "Alt-Right White Nationalist." Ghost calls out Christopher "Crying Nazi" Cantwell, Bobby Ray Warren, Andrew Anglin (well maybe not that manlet) and... more

It's Baller Friday! Crypto rebounds after major contraction. Stocks continue the MAGA rally! POTUS gets back-stabbed; Dems leak private convo with Trump! POTUS reluctantly continues the Iran Nuke Deal for the "last time." POTUS... more

Major crypto contraction today! Crypto & stocks breakdown! POTUS displays his "art of the deal" on live TV. Diane Feinstein releases founder of Fusion GPS testimony. POTUS to attend DAVOS! Why are the Democrats wanted to shut... more

Major contraction in the crypto markets; market manipulation? Stocks contract for the first time of the year as Dollar rises. Sloppy Steve apologizes to POTUS after back-stab! Media now going after POTUS on mental fitness? Hollywood shows... more

It's Baller Friday! Crypto & stocks breakdown; dumb money all over the place! Now "Sloppy Steve" is the Left's hero because he back-stabbed POTUS? Mueller's special council continues to be a political weapon for the Democrats!... more

The rise of the crypto crap coins! Crypto & stock breakdown. Steve Bannon back-stabs President Trump! POTUS announces the "Fake News" awards and threatens Kim Jong-un with his "big button." Paul Manafort sues DOJ over... more

It's the TCR New Years Eve show and you know what that means; Ghostie Awards! Ghost will cover a bit of the cryptocurrency markets and then announce the winners of this year's Ghosties 2017! Ghost conducts another Internet... more

It's the Last Baller Friday of the year! Crypto & stocks break-down. POTUS uses the latest arctic-front hitting the U.S. to troll "climate change" activists. Ghost gives his thoughts on 2018. Relationship advice for the new year. Russia,... more

Crypto & stocks breakdown. Obama takes a subtle shot at POTUS. Robert Mueller's investigation continues to be political weapon of the Democrats & the Deep State. Blast injures 10 in St. Petersburg Russia. North Korea says its... more
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