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This is True Capitalist Radio formerly known as True Conservative Radio program; the most underground Internet broadcast in the world! Ghost tells it how it is and how it should be, call in to us...

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Crypto & stocks breakdown! Dose Congress have a budget deal or another shutdown? More texts from Peter Strzok & Lisa Page show that the conspiracy to remove Trump leads all the way to Obama. POTUS requests a "Grand Military"... more

Crypto & stock market in the midst of a BIG TIME contraction thanks to Congress! POTUS calls out "Little Adam Schiff" and the Democrats a treasonous! Devin Nunes memo exposes complicity between the Democrats, DOJ, FBI and the... more

Special Saturday show! Crypto & stocks breakdown. Ghost analyzes the reaction to the "Memo" and host the Democrats, FBI, DOJ and the media are all complicit in high crimes and misdemeanors. Is there a #MeToo backlach looming?... more

Special Thursday show! Crypto and stocks break down; economy grows to 5.4% GDP. POTUS's State of the Union speech gets 75% approval rating! POTUS to #ReleaseTheMemo on Groundhog Day; FBI & DOJ caution not to release it.... more

Special STOU speech edition! Pre, Live and Post coverage and commentary on POTUS's FIRST State of the Union speech! We will be broadcasting the speech LIVE, so listen in with us! Follow on Gab.ai: @PoliticsGhost

It's Baller Friday! Crypto & stocks breakdown. POTUS rocks DAVOS! White House shocks everyone by unveiling deal on DACA that includes path to citizenship. Why does ANYONE care about Stormy Daniels & her shop-talk?... more

Crypto & stocks breakdown! POTUS hold Mayor's Meeting prior to trip to DAVOS. There's was a conspiracy against Trump from the DOJ, FBI & Robert Mueller's special council; a "secret society" inside the FBI? The Schumer Shutdown... more

Crypto and stocks breakdown. EXCLUSIVE! Ghost interviews Jackman, Maine's city manager Tom Kawczynski, who's come under fire by mainstream media outlets for statements he made about preserving European Heritage in New... more

It's Baller Friday! Crypto & stock market breakdown. Will the Democrats let the government shut down for illegal immigrants? POTUS speaks at pro-life march; 1 full year of MAGA! GOP demand releasing of a memo proving FISA abuses... more

Pulling up from the Crypto contraction! DOW close over 26,000! MSM acts disappointed when told POTUS is in excellent health. Graham & Durbin try to manipulate POTUS on DACA. Sloppy Steve Bannon testifies in front of the... more
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