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This is True Capitalist Radio formerly known as True Conservative Radio program. Ghost tells it how it is and how it should be, call in to us... From Ghost: Finally got my BTR account back! Stay tuned and SPREAD IT AROUND LIKE WILDFIRE!

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It's Baller Friday! Cryptocurrency & Equities markets coverage. POTUS say tax reform package coming next week (what about Healthcare?). AG Sessions warns sanctuary cities to obey the or lose Fed funding. Obama to make first... more

Happy 420! Ghost celebrates by subjecting himself to Marijuana so that YOU won't have to! This is a show not to miss! Ghost goes over the cryptocurrency & equities markets, breaks down the latest news and then will consume 420 LIVE... more

Cryptocurrencies mixed, U.S. dollar rises, equities fall! POTUS urges voters to pressure Congress on Obamacare repeal. Study finds 89% of POTUS media coverage in negative. Jason Chaffetz announces he won't run for office in 2018.... more

It's Tax Day Tuesday! Cryptocurrencies rise; equities fall! POTUS touts "Buy American, Hire American" in Wisconsin; Ghost discusses foreign policy. Inforwars's Alex Jones admits he's a "performance artist" under oath in court.... more

Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4 & Xbox One in March. After a short release, Nintendo kills popular NES Classic console. Ghost discusses virtual girl friends, virtual reality and robotic sex dolls. And of course, Radio Graffiti! The Saturday... more

Cryptocurrencies up! Equities down, Gold rises! Why has the AltRight turned on POTUS; is it because of Trump's new stance on Russia? AltRight plan a Keep Bannon ralley in D.C. on April 15th. Putin & Assad says the chemical attack is... more

Cryptocurrencies rise, equities fall. POTUS's approval rating shoots up to 47%! Trump says NO ground troops in Syria. China threatens North Korea with nukes & tells NK that the U.S. is "not bluffing." Trump publicly blasts Stephen Bannon... more

Cryptocurrencies mixed. Helter skelter equities & commodities. Capitalist Right is now GLOBAL! Ghost discusses in detail POTUS's foreign policy decisions on Syria, North Korea & other moves that may take place. Ghost takes your... more

YouTube continues to reestablish their content guidelines; channels with less than 1000 views won't get ads. Is KimDotCom's Bitcache (MegaUpload 2) the answer to content creators rejected from YouTube-like services? Can trolling sites... more

It's Baller Friday! Cryptocurrencies mixed. Stocks advance as U.S. dollar retreats. Global order is shaken as POTUS strikes Syria; now many on the Trump Train are acting like SJWs. Reports that POTUS is looking to replace... more
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