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Gov Rick Snyders Hostile Takeover

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Tonights Broadcast is dedicated In Loving Memory of:
U.S. Staff Sgt. William David Cleveland KIA in the famous Blackhawk Down -where his body was dragged in the streets of   Mogadishu, Somalia.

 The United States of America was formed from Founding Fathers that were tired of being RULED by fear, force & A KING. It was on July 4, 1776 we wrote A writ to this day stands as A National Holiday each year honored with fireworks & honoring those who gave their life.

Independence Day is about Americans taking A STAND on FREEDOM & NOT being accountable to anybody abroad or oversea's. But what NOW has changed we have A U. N. making MAJOR $ CASH $ donations to our cities. We have MAJOR dept & influence from The Chinese & in so many ways it seems like A KING does control us again but in SO MANY different countries & companies.

What about WE THE PEOPLE & What about our Declaration & Constitution to protect WE THE PEOPLE but appears to protect outside interests & Federal Government more and more each day w/ NEW Executive Orders, Agenda 21, Patriot Act, NDAA, Special Trade and Nation Status.

Now comes Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder CLAIMING The REPUBLICAN Party itself has the POWER to OVER RULE A VOTE of The people with A so called Emergency Manager. 100% COMPLETE control NOT only of the Government but ALL residence and taxpayers who's voice is null & void but still mandated to pay taxes.

Tonight we STAND TALL for our FREEDOMS & address these legislative bills one @ A tyme. Where they have the greatest influence and where does it do the most destructive damage.

What do we control as A people in todays day & age? 

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