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Gun Ban By Executive Order?

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Tonight's Broadcast is dedicated In loving Memory of :
ALL of our Cival War hero's who on this day 1861 the first REAL SHOT was heard world wide as Florida secedes from the USA.

Conflicts over the issue of slavery and its impact on the South's economy, in addition to other reasons, led to a split in the Union.In time, 11 states would leave the Union.
This WAR would last until Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered in 1865,

Do we care? Are we happy allowing Government @ ALL levels to gain more control of our lives , personal & confidential?

In 2000 w/  FULL CONTROL of both houses & A GOP president, The REPUBLICANS LOVED cheering on George W. Bush as he everyday removed rights from the people. Government growth was OUT OF Control &
Republicans LOVED sending out troops into battle ( They didnt seem to be in line volunteering  for enlistment ) w/ NO battle plan or leader to command their ship. All of this in the GREAT NAME of A  : War on Terror in addidition to OUR GREAT successfull war on Drugs & Poverty, 

In 2006 MOST Americans had their fair share of this SOCIALIST G.W - admin. & gave control to DEMOCRATS in the Senate & House. In 2008 President Obama took office & continues on  A DEMOCRATIC Party Blatant Disregard for the Constitution.

Taking $pending to NEW DANGEROUS HIGH$ as well as abuses of our freedom's & liberties do ANY DEMOCRATS care what President Obama NOW is administering and where we are headed in the near future?

We just had BOTH Parties come to A Happy medium Democrats & Republicans aggreed we need higher taxes. They both agreed we need to $pend more & ALL in the name of their The Father,Son & Political Parties AMEN.

It's CPT on BTR - Tonight " COOL " Mike , Germaine, Sarge & YOU.