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The Evil Globalist Agenda

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Plans for a New World Order with a global government have been in place for centuries, maybe for thousands of years. We know for a fact that the Romans talked about, if not one world, they talked about a united Europe. Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were adamant to establish a new world order, but failed. The agenda for a New World Order has been more openly talked about for the last 30 years. Lately, even in mainstream media.Documents of United Nation's Agenda 21 outlines what is to happen to the world.The members of the global elite are terrified that the populations of the world will become aware of their most evil designs on humanity and our lives. The plans are so vile and so unbelievable that many people cannot get their heads around the idea that authorities and governments agree to the plans of the global elite and that they're not at all here to protect us.

The globalists have weakened the people with slow-poisoning of food, water and air. With their forced agenda, including their subliminal messaging and brainwashing, our minds have been dumbed down. Not all people can, or want to understand the situation. There are suggestions that the longer a person has been under "the education spell" as for some academics, the harder it is to break out of the forced matrix. Left brain in, the left brain out, left brain in, left brain out - no creativity, no imagination unless they have learnt how to use the right brain for some reason. Tonight on CPT we will discuss the Globalist Agenda
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