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MLK was once quoted as saying that he lives for the day ALL people will be judged by the content of their character & NOT the color of their skin.

Perry Steele has been NOT only known as the Anti War BTR Broadcaster but he was the Anti War candidate when he ran for Congress in 2010. How is it he LABELED NOT A REAL BLACK?

CPT Tri Host , Sarge for some reason is CALLED an OREO because he has political views that are NOT normal acceptable BLACK OPINIONS or NOT the thinking of MAIN stream Negro's. He dis agrees w/ Jessie Jackson , Al Sharpton & Maxin Waters their for he is an OREO.

30 Years of Military service as A United States Marine & A Ph.D. in History gets Dr. C Robert Jones called : Sell out , Government Crony or he isn't A REAL BLACK. So would say Blog Talk Radio hosts for NOT being in 100% agreement with Sheila Jackson Lee or Malik Zulu Shabazz.

G-Ski & Thomas ( Visible Conservative ) both GOD fearing political figures on BTR who lead by example. In actions & words as well as their show but some BLACKS feel they should LOVE The chocolate GODS of our political world & NOT The ALMIGHTY GOD of our ETERNAL WORLD. 

ABC & Germaine ( aka GGT183 ) well educated and respected BTR host is A Conspiracy theorists because he wants FACTS & Government to provide proof of their claims. This according to the founding Fathers was to be expected TO question all political figures.

How is it those who call & label people : Sell outs, Oreo's , Uncle Tom's , House Negos etc. etc. a NEVER JUDGE anybody by anything but their political views. What kind A world is it if GOD FORBID we dis-agree w/ A so called LEADER of the BLACK Community. 

Tonight we are going to address these charges straight on and will the real LEADERS of the BLACK Community step forward tonight on CPT.