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So help me GOD

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In tonights Tuesday open topic what if you were elected President of The United States. What if all the countries issues and problems lied between you and the cabinet and staff that YOU have appointed to lead the great land from 2012-16.

What would you do?

President Germaine Thompson , President Sarge , " COOL " Mike or Tessler, Tottie or even the LOVE of our BTR Family Annie from Southern Sense, what in the world would you do different then President Bush or Obama?

Just imagine A day where the Chief Justice addresses you as President Kala or  Benyamin Solomon , Brother K, Warlord X, Howard (OAJ ) is NOW King of Kings of U.S.A, 

Yes let us make the changes we want and let us take the country in the direction YOU feel we need to as President of The United States what would President Tessler bring to the table or President Perry Steele?

Raise your right hands and repeat after me.......

Who would be your Vice President & who would you FIRE on day one and send packing & would any host from BTR be appointed to your staff? TONIGHT you spell out your direction for the country. What laws would you repeal and what would you NOT this is your New Presidential Administration.

Abortion, Taxes , Health Care , Illegal immigration , Foreign Policy?  Who would you allign yourself with and what country would you put into the stone age river? Who would you reach out to and who would you NOT?

The list is endless so let your VOICE be heard  on CPT.