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Does the establishment of the Republican party have your best interest in mind or do they simply want to retain their power inside the beltway? Since the final days of the Reagan Administration the party establishment has sold the masses on the lie that a true conservative would not, in fact cannot, win another general election.With this in mind they have presented a plethora of candidates who were truly left-of-center-moderates dressed up to look conservative.A short list includes George H.W. Bush (remember he referred to supply side economics as voodoo economics and proved this during his administration employing big government programs which sank the economy and raised the nation debt.) Then there was Bob Dole. He was a moderate at best! Next in line was George W. Bush, one of the biggest “borrow and spend” Presidents up until the current administrations. And then came John McCain. Enough said.Now the establishment wants to force Mitt Romney upon the party. If this man is a conservative, then perhaps the moon is really made of Cheese. Romney’s voting record is so liberal that one democratic strategist on FoxNews recently noted that “six year ago Romney was more liberal than I was.”In simple terms, Ronald Reagan was our President. He was our friend. And Mitt Romney is no Ronald Reagan!Thank God "True Conservatives" are waking up to this fact.When will the base of the Republican party wake up and realize that the establishment needs them more than they need the establishment? 

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