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We are geared towards opening up a healthy and helpful conversation between adults on any topic we feel needs to be addressed or talked about. We hope you enjoy this experience and tag along for the ride!! Thanks!!

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The last Trending Topics of the 2017!! Join us as we discuss and share our opinions on various topics that are currently trending. Sexual assault allegations against Trump Libya Keaton Jones/Bullying If you would like to share your thoughts or opinions, please join the conversation by calling in (657) 383-1155. You can also tweet us @gft_radio using the hashtag #GFTRadio.
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Do you lend money to friends and/or family? Should you lend money with the expectation of not getting it back? When you ask for money you lent out, does there always seem to be a problem? Should you confront people you lent... more

Terrorism and Mental Illness ... are the two intertwined? Or does race play a factor? Are White people only considered mentally ill, when committing random acts of violence? While Blacks and Latinos are considered thugs... more

When you find out your significant other, boyfriend, girlfriend, wife or husband is cheating, who do you blame? What are the Cheating warning signs? Can you spot Cheating tendencies? Is it true that, "Once a Cheater, Always a... more

How important is voting? If we want change within our cities and governments who's to blame when things get worst? The politicians or the public? If you don't vote, can you blame politicians for things you don't agree with or want... more

Join us as we discuss celebrities and them taking a stand on social issues. Should we listen to their opinions? Should celebrities feel obligated to speak on social issues? Why do people want White celebrities to speak on... more

Are screenshots evidence to prove something or drama waiting to happen? Are text conversations safe anymore? Are screenshots the whole truth and nothing but the truth? How do you feel about screenshots? Should be careful of the... more

What kind of friend are you? Are you loyal, motivating, the hype man, etc. What kind of friend is your BFF? What kind of friend do you need? How often do we need to be around real friends? What do you consider being loyal? Do you... more

The Men of G.F.T Radio are taking over once again to bring you "What Men Think"! On this episode, of What Men Think, we're exploring the topic of Love, Relationships and everything in between. So join Clint, Stylez and our special... more

Join us as we continue the topic from last week's show and dig a little bit deeper in this topic. Are you my friend if you don't support me? Should friends/family automatically get discounts? Should you go into business with family/friends?... more

Should you befriend your coworkers? Can work friends be trusted or a trusted confidant? What are some of the positives and negatives of workplace friendships? Can bad work ethics effect workplace friendships? Can co-worker... more