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Join The Conversation, as we open up a healthy and helpful conversation between adults on any topic we feel needs to be addressed or discussed. From relationships to politics, or from sex to social commentary; we discuss it all! We hope you enjoy this experience and tag along for the ride!! Thanks!!

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Our very own Clint, aka Smooth, wrote a great poem titled, "Rejection"! After reading it, we felt it begs the question... Is breaking up hard to do, or is Rejection just hard to take? Join the conversation, as we discuss Rejection, Breaking up,... more

In the age of "No New Friends" should we be looking for new friendships, as we grow older? Most people lose friends, over time, for various reasons, but how to do you branch out to make new ones? Join the conversation, as we discuss... more

The last weekend of April offered us a jam packed action weekend, with Avengers: Endgame and Game of Thrones, Season 8 Episode 3 (The Long Night aka Battle of Winterfell). Join the conversation, as we discuss our thoughts,... more

When two people marry, there are always challenges. But when those two people bring children, ex-spouses and others into the mix, we have to ask... Can Love Truly Conquer All!? Join the conversation, as we discuss various challenges of,... more

California, and most recently, New Jersey, have passed laws, allowing LGBT History to be taught in schools. Join the conversation, as we discuss our opinions and thoughts on this very sensitive topic. Which grade levels will this... more

Breaking up is never easy, but how do you find the strength to let go, and move on? Join the conversation, as we discuss ending relationships, failed friendships, divorce, and how to truly find closure. Stop searching for ?The Bad guy? What... more

Whatever happen to our 40 acres and mule? After 300+ years of slavery, Jim Crow Segregation and other forms of Institutional Racism, should there be restitution, and who deserves to reap that benefit? Join the conversation, as we... more

You've had the pre-sex talk with your kid, but what about The Conversation AFTER you find out your child is having Sex? Join the conversation, as we discuss how important this discussion is. Being comfortable with talking to your... more

It's the Freestyle show, we are throwing out the script and going completely off the top! "Off The Top" = Whatever is on our minds, we are gonna talk about it ... Zuby: Identified as a women while lifting weights. Trumps team faces jail... more

How do you deal with trauma? Join the conversation, as we discuss how we cope or handle traumatic events in our life. Loss of loved ones (friends/family/spouse) Health Issues (ongoing or life threating) Everyday stress (work/children) All that... more