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Hello, This is Gfem Talk Show. It's a show about life which, involves but not limited to pursuit of Happiness, Career, Success, Finances, Relationships and Living Word. This is a show that opens up discussions to listeners about real life situations with the expectation for people to gain information to exert into their lives. Show airs: Every Thursday Time: 6pm-7pm East Coast Call in #: 347-989-1700

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You can have what you say in any area of your life when you act on Faith. Faith is acting upon the word of God. Jesus told Peter come, and he began to walk on water. As soon as he put his mind on the circumstances, he began to sink. In... more

In a step to try and control the divorce epidemic that is plaguing our nation, Kenya recently legalized polygamy for men, herein giving them the right to have as many wives as they request without the consent of the first. Do you think this is the... more

David was anointed as a King, and there came promotion, success, and victory. He was anointed because he had good heart. The same anointing that fell on David to prosper can fall on you. Find out what you need to do to receive same... more

People with business today went through the fear of going to the market as a new company because it's already filled with financial, legal, and reputation risks. Having a business that attracts users needs a strong start. You will hear on the... more

When we talk about about Great Subsitute, we mean the Law of subsitution, which is a spiritual law that if there is anything were to happen to a child of God planned by the enemy, God will provide a subsitute to replace that child. Just... more

In the age of instant communication and internet, relationships have taken a hit. Maintaining a long-lasting relationship is more difficult than ever and our creative gene is needed now more than ever. Discover on the show a website that can... more

Did you listen to part I on Divine Healing? check it out here Tune in for Part II. You witnessed how it started, you should listened to how it will finish. Divine healing and long life are God's will for... more

Did you know that in the U.S, 1 out of 20 patients will develop a hospital acquired infection each year. That's more than 2 million patients annually. Alarmingly, approximately 100,000 of these patients will die as a result of the infection.... more

Divine healing and long life are God's will for his children. They are part of our inheritance. There could be a trend of people dieing early in your family, I pray it will stop before you. You will be the terminator of this cycle of early death or... more

How good of a leader can you be? What kind of leadership style are you using in your family and or work? What is expected of you as a leader when leading people? Discover the qualities of a leader and different types of leadership you... more
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