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Hello, This is Gfem Talk Show. It's a show about life which, involves but not limited to pursuit of Happiness, Career, Success, Finances, Relationships and Living Word. This is a show that opens up discussions to listeners about real life situations with the expectation for people to gain information to exert into their lives. Show airs: Every Thursday Time: 6pm-7pm East Coast Call in #: 347-989-1700

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Tune in to learn the common pitfalls people go through when searching for Mr or Mrs Right and how you can avoid them. Recognizing these unsuspected danger will save you time and headache from falling into wrong hands. Listen on... more

Tune in as I break down one of the challenging areas of relationship that is often not disclosed. Discover the different ways you can build your love moments, intense feelings, and create romantic and lasting memories. Listen online... more

The discussion this week shall be based on the recent memo I put out to all the single ladies " Let your minds be at rest about finding your bone. You will have your male partner in due time. The word has already gone out that "....none... more

Wow, RoR seminar came so fast. It was indeed a fantastic seminar with people walking away with load of information. I will be sharing snippet from what the speakers spoke about on the show. You don't want to miss it. Plus I have one... more

My event, Revelations of Relationship seminar, which is based off of my book, is coming up June 25th and my guest, Pastor Marcus Gill will be live on the show. Listen to the show to get a full gist about the event. This seminar will take place... more

Many people are in a relationship of unknown, dating without a purpose and they end up becoming a string along. In this day and age, you can't just afford to spend few minutes of your time with anyone without a reason. Even friendship... more

If you have tried every relationship advices, read all the self-help books, talked to relationship counselors and the issues in your relationship still persist, then I got a good news for you. Jesus is the only solution that can work. Maybe you should... more

If there is one thing I can tell you that can make a huge difference in your relationship, get you and your partner happy, creates excitement in your relationship, prevent fussing and fighting, and reduce misunderstanding, it is... more

So many people out there can not simply define their relationship for one reason or the other. What's the point of being involved in a relationship not only you don't know the fate but you cannot explain your current situation. What's an... more

The wedding industry in America is $60 billion. While Europeans spend less than $6,000 on wedding, Americans spend 6x of it. What's happening today is that people are investing and planning more for their wedding than their marriage. It's... more
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