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Gettin Sauced

Gettin' Sauced presented by A Set of Works


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Best viewed, and now heard, when highly intoxicated. The scumbags who brought you LET'S GO HOGGIN', a story about two buddies and their love of big, beefy women, BB-GUN 2 THE TAINT, a four-part reality film which culminates in a grown man (that flamer KB) being shot in the taint with a bb-gun, and a cockload of other content, now present their first radio show & forum for all their sometimes low-brow, rarely intelligent, & always funny comedy, "Gettin' Sauced presented by A Set of Works". Each week we'll be talking the latest news, movies, music, interviewing irrelevant people, & plugging our feature film, BREAKING IN THE BOSS. Oh yeah, we're coming hard & strong--take that as a dick joke if you want. Follow us on twitter; we're hilarious! twitter.com/asetofworks or search @asetofworks http://www.asetofworks.com

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The final, anticlimactic episode of Gettin' Sauced presented by A Set of Works. Will KB finally step up & prove he deserves your love? Probably not. Tune in as Joey B. aka Pat Bateman discusses new A Set of Works ventures & mutes KB... more

The second to last episode! Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB The Disappointment are almost finished their run on Blog Talk, & they're going out Conan style with the exception of A-list guests & everything else. KB's cousin Peter Brown will... more

Yaaaaysh! Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & the always disappointing KB are back to kill a sixer of Smirnoff Ice & kidnap a neighbor's dog! New movies on The Browneye, music from The Heartbreak Kid, Serg, dullness from Back To The... more

The A Set of Works boys are back! After Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB's highly inconsistent behavior--they love Percocet--it's time to get tuned up! They'll talk KB's nonexistent rap career, new movies on The Browneye, new... more

It's what the silverfish have been waiting for! After a forgetful 2 week absence, Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB aka Mr. AKA get back on the sauce! New Browneye, music, & possibly KB's debut from Charlie Boys, although they don't... more

Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB The Disappointment get tanked & babble recklessly with their cohort Back To The Futrell! Movie reviews, new music, #BreakingInTheBoss & no women because they're vile!

Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB the Suicide Bomber are back after much inconsistency! They'll be discussing shameful masturbation behind a partner's back, reviewing movies on "The Browneye", giving a BREAKING IN THE BOSS... more

Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB the Suicide Bomber killed the competition last week--this week they're gonna start burying them! And yes, this is a full-on jack of Fab's schtick. They'll be playing 2 more classic calls, "Super Mario Bros. Pt. 1 &... more

Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & KB are cumming strong-- & that's not a typo! After a couple weeks off & one really shitty show, it's time for that heat again. BREAKING IN THE BOSS is done, thank Christ, & we're getting back to what we... more

Joey B. aka Pat Bateman & the flamin' server's assistant KB return! The boys have 2 weeks to make up--they'll be going in with the latest movie reviews on The Browneye, discussing rap's all-time best beefs, picking on NBC's "Parks and... more
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