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Welcome! Our show empowers you the listener through encouraging the use of Values Over Adversity... The American Dream is deteriorating; American Culture is on the brink of turmoil right before our very eyes. The traditional family has left the home, there is no longer dialogue around the table, parenting is no longer considered significant and children are raising children. Our schools have abandon the traditions of prayer and the pledge of allegiance, the welfare programs of the state have virtually forced educators to take on the role and duties of parenting. Our so-called politicians have taken the position that no intervention is the safe and fast track to re-election and that a dysfunctional government in "deadlock and in- action" is representative of the people. What has gone so terribly wrong? Join me on the radio show that looks to identify the problem and provide solutions on Current events; Politics, Social/Relationship issues, Economics, Religion/Spirituality, Education and more...The DareLinzell Show..Join the show and the host that's determined to make a difference - Every Monday 9:00 a.m.

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It's Black History Month and what a great opportunity for us to discuss ways in which we can better engage and development the relationships between Races. In today's show we're talking about "Strategies for Americans: Coping with... more

In todays show lets talk about an epidemic Mental Health Crisis prevalent throughout the Minority Community "Victims for the Accussed: A Time Healing." The reality is that in any crime, specifically and especially in violent crimes... more

Well, one thing for sure Santa's (We The Adult People = Parents = Middle Class) the world over know each year they must deliver joy and hope to their constituents (children & loved ones) or risk protest.... Much the like, as... more

Perhaps, all if not the majority of political on lookers commenting on the recent Wall Street Protestors have misinterpreted, misunderstood or misrepresented the presence of these protestors. Indeed, if not for their misguided replies and empty... more

What does one say, who does one ask - Where are the JOBS for the Black Community? Many blast and blame President Obama, others sight a lack of community acitivism and yet most just don't have a clue - DO YOU? Join us in... more

As Americans and specifically as a voting public we must hold our elected officials accountable for there actions or in this instance "inaction." My fellow American Congress has failed us. Our two party system has evolved into that all... more

Georgia's new Immigration law went into effect on July 1st and to say that it's raised a few eyebrows is not the least of it....Georgia like many other states has more than 425,000 illegal immigrants yet in the past they've been permitted to... more

EGYPT: When I think about what's happening there the words of Sam Cookes "Change is Gonna Come" is at the center of my thoughts - What are yours? Join me this morning as we discuss the protests and quest for change in... more

Well, here we are once again celebrating the Dr. Martin Luther King Holiday and we've got some serious dialogue to talk about this morning..."The State of the Black Union." We'll be talking about what it means, where we are and where we... more

The political climate of rhetoric has come of age with the recent shooting in Arizona of a Congresswoman and several of her constituents. Who's to blame...From Sara Palin, John McCain, John Boeghner, the Republican Party,... more
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