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Paul Morris is an Emotional Healer, Life Coach, Author and Sales Trainer. Paul is the developer of The Emotional Control Method™ and The Morris Method™, the natural way for Conquering Depression for Life™. Getting on Top means having more choices in life. The show’s purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible to help them to release the negative feelings and emotions that may be holding them back from enjoying a more fulfilling life. On the program, Paul and his guests will discuss the ways people can live better lives by overcoming their fears while embracing who they can become. To be a guest on my show please contact me and indicate what you would like to share with my listeners. Please check out my new rhyming children's book "Freight Train Freddie" available as an eBook at or in soft cover at Contact me at

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TOOLS FOR ATTAINING BALANCE with LOIS KRAMER PEREZ, CHt. Do you find yourself so dizzy your head is spinning? Dreading that phone call or upcoming task? What is a person to do? Do not let The World drive you.... more
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UNITY Vs. DUALITY with PENNY COHEN, LCSW & HANS WILHELM ?Duality creates conflict, conflict spawns suffering, and suffering drives change. From the unity of heaven we are born and thrust into the duality of life whose purpose is... more

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?THE BOOK OF COURAGE,? with HANS WILHELM & PENNY COHEN, LCSW With over forty two million books in print, Hans Wilhelm is one of America's foremost author/illustrators of children's books. His books have been translated... more

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