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Paul Morris

Getting On Top


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Getting on Top means having more choices in life. The show’s purpose is to reach out to as many people as possible to help them to release the negative feelings and emotions that may be holding them back from enjoying a more fulfilling life. On the program, Paul and his guests will discuss the ways people can live better lives by overcoming their fears while embracing who they can become. To be a guest on my show please contact me and indicate what you would like to share with my listeners. Please check out his new rhyming children's book "Freight Train Freddie" available as an eBook or softcover at www.ftfcreations.com. Contact him at paul@depressivesanonymous.org. Paul L. Morris, CCHt is a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Intuitive Healer, Author, Talk Radio Host and Corporate Training Consultant. Find him at www.depressivesanonymous.org

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THE HOW & WHY OF LIVING IN THE PRESENT MOMENT Many best sellers such as ?FLOW? and ?The Power of Now,? have been written on the subject of being in and staying in the ?Present Moment.? Many retreats exist and thrive by teaching this concept for helping participants to live better lives. Having read many of these works and while finding the concept extremely appropriate and powerful in daily life, none that I recall have explained exactly why and how this process enables us to function at the highest levels of competence. On this show my guest and I will endeavor explore depths of this powerful concept in order to provide a greater understanding and practical knowledge of its meaning and application. Find Penny @ www.pennycohen.co Find me @ www.depressivesanonymous.com
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