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Nichole Santoro of iMarketingSalon.com is joined by Laura Menze of LifeQuest Alliance, Inc., who asks these questions regarding Social Media, that are on the minds of many coaches:

1.  What have been some of the most successful posts and what made them successful?  (Either work you’ve done or someone else’s posts.)
2.  What is your mindset when you are coordinating all of your posts for the month across various platforms so that they play off each other and/or don’t simply repeat too much?
3.  What the heck is Pinterest and is it something I need to add to my repertoire?
4.  How much time should I be spending per month on social media if I want it to really work for me?
5.  What am I supposed to do (if anything) when I am alerted that I have a new follower on Twitter?
Laura Menze owns and operates LifeQuest Alliance, Inc., a company dedicated to Helping Good People Become Great, improve their lives, create their own happiness, and overcome obstacles with courage and integrity. Laura's international consulting experiences in Cambridge, England, Bangkok, Thailand, and Sao Paulo, Brazil have also provided her with a well-rounded background for working with people of different cultural backgrounds and experience levels.
Laura's website is LifeQuestAlliance.com.


0:28 Nichole Santoro

Hello everyone! Welcome to Get Social, Coach! I am your host, Nichole Santoro of iMarketingSalon.com. iMarketingSalon helps coaches spend less time on social media and more time coaching. We manage and edit your content for various social media marketing platforms including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and WordPress blogs. Today, my guest is Laura Menze of LifeQuest Alliance, Inc., a company dedicated to helping good people become great, improve their lives, create their own happiness and overcome obstacles with courage and integrity. Laura's international consulting experiences in Cambridge, England, Bangkok, Thailand and Sao Paulo, Brazil has also provided her with a well-rounded background for working with people of different cultural backgrounds and experience levels. Laura's website is lifequestalliance.com. Hello Laura, welcome from Denver. How are you today?

1:30 Laura Menze

Hey Nichole, I am doing great. How are you?

1:34 Nichole Santoro

Wonderful. Well, thank you so much for joining us with this cross country move. I am very excited for you. How is everything going over there?

1:42 Laura Menze

Thank you. Things are going great. You know, I am looking for an apartment and I think I have found something fabulous for me to rent, that's why I decided Denver is the right place for me. So I am walking the walk so I can talk the talk.

1:56 Nichole Santoro

That's awesome. That is so true too that -- you know, on your blog, you are always talking about life changes and things going on in your life. So anyone who works with you would definitely know that you do walk your talk and you experience a lot of what all those experience, so I think that's awesome.

2:13 Laura Menze

Oh yeah. I am not an exception to the roller coaster ride we all have been on in the past years, so definitely. And if I can inspire someone to move forward and do something different in their lives then that's why I am here, that's what I do.

2:29 Nichole Santoro

Good. Well, I know you have been using social media for quite some time and I know that you had wanted to talk about a few questions that you have. What's the first question that you have?

2:40 Laura Menze

Sure. Yeah. Well, you know, I am just curious what have been some of the most successful posts that have been out there and what made them successful, either maybe work that you've done or things that you've seen from somebody else's postings?

2:55 Nichole Santoro

That's -- yeah, that's a great question. Like what content works can actually get the people to raise their hand and speak up, right?

3:01 Laura Menze

Yeah and react or do something, what gets them on the move?

3:06 Nichole Santoro

That's so true. Well first of all, know you are not alone. Many of us have those posts, I think I posted a poll the other day and I am like you know crickets chirping like "Come on people". It gets someone excited. So it can be tough for sure. You know and last week I had Evie Burke as my guest and we were joking about how well photos of dogs and babies and weddings are doing. You know, all that stuff works so good on Facebook. It's kind of that cheesy lifestyle that makes every easy smiles, you know, easy laugh.

3:33 Laura Menze


3:34 Nichole Santoro

You know, I like to remember that people who are on Facebook kind of has a form of escapism. You know, they're on there to be entertained or to spy on their friends and families. I know none of us so I've never done that.

3:46 Laura Menze

Never, never, not me.

3:49 Nichole Santoro

Like what? She is doing what? On the other hand, you know when you are first building a fan page or even if you have had a fan page for a while, I realized that the hardest groups to get to comment are your friends and your acquaintances and especially potential clients. Just, you know, a lot of them will definitely lurk and see what you are doing to get a feel for, you know, the type of coach you are or what does she have going on over there. But not necessarily are they going to comment or say anything. But the easiest groups to get to comment on your page are your like-minded business partners. And can you guess why?

4:25 Laura Menze


4:30 Nichole Santoro

They are trying to build their pages. They have got a similar objective that you do. You know, they are also trying to get fans and followers and clients and used to figuring out this medium of Facebook and like, "Okay it's an entertainment vehicle, how do I use it for business when people aren't talking about business?" So they are trying to do the same thing that you are. You know, what I have started doing is participating in a fan drive with other like-minded business partners. We are basically on a set day and time each week. We all agreed a post and share on each others' Facebook pages. So in that way...

5:01 Laura Menze


5:03 Nichole Santoro

Yeah, it's cool. And I have only discovered this in the last couple of months myself and it's -- I have got a lot more engagement than I was before with just straight time kind of loan.

5:13 Laura Menze

So like you said, it's kind of a swap and share?

5:16 Nichole Santoro


5:17 Laura Menze

Okay. So like I post something -- I post something and you post it in your stuff and you post something and I will post it in my stuff kind of sharing?

5:25 Nichole Santoro

That's it. It's really that easy. Yup.

5:28 Laura Menze

Okay. Excellent, I like that.

5:31 Nichole Santoro

You know, there is more that I can...

5:32 Laura Menze

Now, would I lose clients to them? To the other person?

5:38 Nichole Santoro

That is a great question because I do it with other social media managers. But what I find is that we have -- even though I'm in a group with other social media peeps, they target different people than I do. I am the only one who is working exclusively with coaches. They might be working with real estate agents or some of them are working in corporate, some of them are working with small businesses. So I think if you were partnering, it could be with other life coaches that maybe have slightly different targets than you do or it could be with a career coach. You know, a career coach who is helping people to seek a new job and then they realize "You know what? It's really not about my career, the stuff going on, I want to improve my life or change altogether". You know they would refer, it's kind of like the whole referral based, those same partners are the same kinds of ones that you'd want to be doing the swap and share with. I like that.

6:27 Laura Menze

Alright. So now I'm all about automation. So this whole swap and share concept is a really cool one, I am just curious if there is a way to automate that. So anything that I get from Nichole Santoro, can I just program it to automatically repost or share?

6:42 Nichole Santoro

Not... That's a great question. I don't know the way to do that in social media. The only thing I can think of is if you were to post somebody's blog post, you could set up an RSS feed in HootSuite if you wanted to just do blog post. But with the social media, that would have to be live and for that reason, that's why I say set up a set time maybe it's one day a week and it's you know you can have so many people but maybe only share one comment. You know, just kind of set those boundaries that you are willing to commit to so it doesn't take over, because it can vary easily. I have definitely done that where three hours have gone by and I am like "Oh shoot, it's a little too long".

7:20 Laura Menze

Yeah. Also, you know, it can definitely take over your life. You know, you can spend your entire life on social media if you really want to.

7:27 Nichole Santoro

Yeah. And I think that's why coaches fly away from it sometimes. You know, in small businesses, it's kind of like an all-or-nothing proposition, "Oh no I can't. It's kind of suck up my time. I am not going to do it." Whereas there is definitely, if you can get into that balance of that limits, you can make it work for you without it interfering with your business and in fact, it would benefit your business.

7:46 Laura Menze

Okay. So when you are like working with another coach and viewing the social media, you know, what is your mindset when you are coordinating all of your posts for the month across all the various platforms so they play off each other or you know, basically don't repeat across all the different platforms? How do you organize all that?

8:07 Nichole Santoro

You know, I used to try to do that and it was really time consuming and I don't do that anymore. So when I schedule a post to appear on Facebook, that exact same post also appears on LinkedIn and also appears on Twitter at the same time. And here is why, one was it was a complete time drain trying to figure out what was posted where, but also, when you think about the reality of it, I have a hard time believing that people are interacting on Facebook at the exact same time that they are on Twitter, at the exact same time that they are on LinkedIn. Now, there are some people who do that but they are people like me, they are social media managers.

8:45 Laura Menze

That makes sense. So you are not strategizing in terms of like saying it in a certain way more sarcastically maybe on Facebook and then more professionally maybe on LinkedIn or something like that instead of using the same thing?

9:01 Nichole Santoro

Not anymore. Nope.

9:02 Laura Menze


9:03 Nichole Santoro

It was -- yeah, I just -- you know, I used to -- it's funny because I work with some coaches that are more spiritually based, and I used to even ask like "Are you sure you want to post this on LinkedIn?" and I never really got any feedback so I kept posting on Linkedln and you know, people are going to -- the right people that want to work with you might find you in LinkedIn or Twitter, Facebook. One channel may work more strongly for you than another but long ago, I stop worrying about like don't you know, don't post anything too rural on LinkedIn or, you know, don't post anything too businessy on Facebook. I just, yeah, that was just an impossible task to try to correlate. What I will set, you know, as far as repetition now, I do try to create enough content in my blog post so I don't have to repeat the post themselves. So even though I'm repeating it at that one time on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, I try not to repeat it later. Now that's in my ideal world. Every single post I tweet would be the first time I posted it, even though I joined up in multiple places, but you know.

9:59 Laura Menze


10:00 Nichole Santoro

Sometimes I have more spots available that I have to post and so when I reuse old posts, I try to use ones that got some engagement before and see if I can, you know, people that liked it or commented on it, so I might refresh those or repurpose those and use those again.

10:17 Laura Menze

So that's a good question then, so when you get something that gains, you know, response, do you like file that somewhere so that you can reuse it again or how do you remember to go back to that?

10:30 Nichole Santoro

I don't know how.

10:33 Laura Menze

It just comes up in your brain. You have that organized in your head. Oh my god! (crosstalk)

10:45 Nichole Santoro

No. If you're getting a lot of comments on a post, you'll remember.

10:49 Laura Menze


10:51 Nichole Santoro

And that's just a general rule. You know, sometimes I get to recycle a lot of posts, you know, because for whatever reason I couldn't get to a blog post this week, I'm short on content. I don't want my social media feed to suffer because I haven't, you know, written a blog post this week. So sometimes, you know, it doesn't have to be only the post that got a lot of engagement but if you're looking -- if you have a couple of thoughts where you're like "Oh this post kind of worked the last time, let's see if you know we can get more people to comment on it again". It's just an idea.

11:18 Laura Menze

Okay. No, it's a great idea and I got to tell you it's such a relief to hear that every social media manager, you post the same post across all the platforms because I'm exhausted. I really am exhausted trying to figure out how do I say this on Facebook and how do I say this on LinkedIn and make sure that I'm saying appropriately.

11:40 Nichole Santoro

You know, I have couple of more thoughts about that but one of them is I keep all my posts under 140 characters so even if they're on Facebook and LinkedIn, I do the same thing because they tend to get more engagement. So even though you could make it longer I don't because I'm always posting on Twitter, it's one of those channels, but then also people tend to respond to it if it's not too long.

12:03 Laura Menze

Yeah, I guess -- I guess they would. Yeah, it's more concise to the point I'm more inclined to read it than if it was, you know...

12:09 Nichole Santoro


12:10 Laura Menze

A paragraph long.

12:11 Nichole Santoro

Right. And then what I will do with Twitter is if I have posts that have hashtags in them or I'm copying somebody else's Twitter handle. In that case, even at HootSuite, I will try to schedule that as a separate post and with Facebook and LinkedIn use the full name. So it doesn't look like a Twitter post that shows up on Facebook.

12:32 Laura Menze

Ah! Okay. Yeah, so you will do the same thing on Twitter but just kind of edit it a little bit?

12:39 Nichole Santoro


12:40 Laura Menze

Using the hashtag and all that. Okay.

12:41 Nichole Santoro

Right. I tried not to do post with hashtags on Facebook and LinkedIn because I feel like people know what, you know, like "I'll schedule it".

12:49 Laura Menze

Right, right. Your secretive-- your secret is out there.

12:53 Nichole Santoro

Exactly. Even though every post has the HootSuite tag anyway, it's not like they don't know but I just don't want to -- I try to -- that's the only way I really do try to respect the medium I guess. And then I will do -- Oh god! (crosstalk) It's just that I will do live engagement in Twitter and when I do that, I don't post to Facebook and LinkedIn. I just do that in Twitter by itself.

13:17 Laura Menze

Live engagement.

13:23 Nichole Santoro

I just realized I used a term that's kind of out there.

13:24 Laura Menze

Yeah, so that's __13:25__ to me, so you tell.

13:26 Nichole Santoro

It sounds like -- sounds like I'm getting a microphone singing, doesn't it? Basically, you know, you have your post that you scheduled but then once you're following your Twitter stream like I tend to do it in HootSuite, I love HootSuite more that Twitter itself and what I'm commenting, you know, retweeting or replying to people or saying "Oh hey, that was a great article or here's a point I liked", I've been posting less as a commenter on people's blog post and more commenting on Twitter just because it's faster and I can share it faster that way.

14:00 Laura Menze


14:02 Nichole Santoro

So that, what I'm saying is when I'm doing those kind of posts and it's live because it is not scheduled, it's because I'm in HootSuite doing it, you know, on the spot. When I'm doing that, I don't cross pollinate or you know I don't autopost to Facebook or that sort of stuff.

14:17 Laura Menze

Gotcha. Okay. Alright so, I'm going to jump to a question they had about Twitter and I guess you have noticed they're saying that "Oh! Nichole Santoro is now following you on Twitter".

14:32 Nichole Santoro


14:33 Laura Menze

And I guess I just noticed them like "Okay so what am I supposed to do with that?"

14:38 Nichole Santoro

You should send me a gift certificate and say thank you.

14:44 Laura Menze

Oh! That's a great idea but I think I'd be broke.

14:47 Nichole Santoro

Pretty broke up to your first 200. Yeah.

14:49 Laura Menze

That's right. As to the first five.

14:54 Nichole Santoro

Well Laura, let me ask you a coaching question. What would you like to do when you get a new follower on Twitter?

15:00 Laura Menze

I have no idea because I don't know that I have time to say, "Hey, thanks for following me" number one and number two, I think I'm following people that I didn't even know I was following because I never purposefully went in there and said I want to follow this person. So I don't know if they are on an autopilot program and they don't even know if, you know -- they don't even know if they are following me now on Twitter. So how's all that work and what is the best way to do that?

15:35 Nichole Santoro

Well, you can't automatically follow somebody.

15:40 Laura Menze

When I went into my account, it said I was following like 200 people and I never chose to follow those 200 people like it automatically signed me up for people.

15:51 Nichole Santoro

Well it is Halloween this month, so it is possible. So there's some other force.

15:57 Laura Menze

You know maybe it's just me. (crosstalk)

16:06 Nichole Santoro

The only thing I can think of, 200 though huh? Like 10 I could say, okay you know when you first signed up for Twitter, it will recommend like "Oh hey, you might want to follow so and so and so and so, we'll give you people." So in the beginning, you may have followed and not really realized that's what you were doing. But 200, it's hard to follow 200 people without realizing you are following them.

16:26 Laura Menze


16:29 Nichole Santoro

Or you've been hacked but I don't -- I mean you know.

16:33 Laura Menze

I'll go back and we'll get at it in a while since I've actually been on my Twitter account so they do view everything at HootSuite. You know, I'm going back to memory here too.

16:42 Nichole Santoro

Yeah, but to your point about, you know, I don't have time to thank every follower, you know bravo sister, I don't neither. I don't. And you know, I think what you're asking is what I think a lot of people are asking is the permission to say "Hey, I don't have time to thank every new follower." Is that cool? And yes it's absolutely cool. People don't expect that it's nice. In the beginning, you know, if you are trying to get a lot more tweets going and really engage in dialogue, it definitely helps to do that, but if you are already, you know, amassing a lot of followers and following people and already having those conversations then no, you don't have to, you know, thank every follower. But I do know these social media gurus who will absolutely do that and that's kind of their shtick like they'll thank everybody.

17:28 Laura Menze


17:29 Nichole Santoro

So it's a personal preference I think.

17:31 Laura Menze

Okay, so there is no social media etiquette per se that I have to thank these people and be all nicey nice?

17:40 Nichole Santoro

No, I would focus much more on these people who are sharing or retweeting your content. I would definitely focus on engaging with them because they're the ones...

17:47 Laura Menze


17:48 Nichole Santoro

That are like -- that obviously see value in what you are doing.

17:51 Laura Menze

That makes sense. That makes sense. Okay. I'm on LinkedIn, I'm using HootSuite, I'm on Facebook and Twitter. What the heck is Pinterest? I really -- I've heard about it, I haven't done anything with it. I know it's something to do with pictures but truthfully speaking, I nearly know nothing about it, but I know that it's gaining some speed.

18:13 Nichole Santoro


18:14 Laura Menze

Is that some place I should be, should I add it to my repertoire?

18:17 Nichole Santoro

You know, I've never -- should kind of person so I'm always trying out if you like it but I think there is very few small businesses and coaches are on Pinterest from a business perspective so now you don't have to add it by any means, but it's basically it's tied to Facebook and it's an online bulletin board so it's almost like your own webpage and it's not all that different -- I got a picture on Facebook if it were just images and no post. So it's a lot like you know moms decorating their kids room just like interior design, recipes and cooking, things that really have a lot of visual imagery work really well on Pinterest and when you're hearing all the stats about these businesses doing incredibly well from Pinterest, it does tend to be kind of the DIY projects, things that were images are so helpful and closely link to the type of business they're in. I don't think Pinterest is a way that it's kind of like catapult a coaches business. It could if a coach will using it constantly and tie in very closely to the products and the CDs that they are using and encouraging their networks to really repin it so to speak, but I do happen to work with the coach who like photography. So we used her images as the back drop of the text of her postings, but again work is doing that on Facebook we're not even doing that on Pinterest right now. So you know, the way it could work for life coaching is considering a board of images that have your inspirational thought leaders. If they have a Pinterest board you could repin what they're doing so you don't have to create the content to share their content and then post on your Facebook feed that you've done that. But to really either make Pinterest work for your business there's a thing called Pin It to Win It Contest where everyone repin your content and then you can do a random drawing and somebody wins a free session -- you know a free coaching session with you.

20:18 Nichole Santoro

But if you do sign on for another platform and you wanted and included in your repertoire, the caution I always have is be ready to invest the time and the commitment to make it work, otherwise by bother doing it.

20:29 Laura Menze

Well it makes sense and it's a really good insight. I do like reinventing the wheel.

20:34 Nichole Santoro


20:35 Laura Menze

So using somebody else's content I think that's brilliant if I do decides to go ahead and use Pinterest. So, it sounds like you did something for more people who have an actual plus to sort of show like maybe -- like you said, like they renovated the property or showing that artwork or something that is more visual that makes sense.

20:57 Nichole Santoro

Exactly, our coaches that are painters, you know -- actually I met a coach at the Midwest conference who also designs jewelry, that was the great thing to share. So, yes, products are definitely easier to share than services. Services tend to be your CDs and e-books and infographics, they're just a little bit hard to communicate visually that it could be done, but it's not as glamorous as the food recipes and the house remodel and all of that.

21:23 Laura Menze

Now is Pinterest just photos or a video too?

21:26 Nichole Santoro

It is also videos. I have an e-book for that.

21:31 Laura Menze

So what would be the benefit of using Pinterest videos versus YouTube videos?

21:36 Nichole Santoro

You know, I think with Pinterest maybe more people are on it than YouTube, but with the YouTube you got that amazing Google . I also think when people are doing video on Pinterest I think it is originating from YouTube.

21:52 Laura Menze

Oh, okay.

21:54 Nichole Santoro

So I don't think people are creating videos on Pinterest, they're just pinning it.

21:57 Laura Menze


21:58 Nichole Santoro

I don't know much about that piece.

22:01 Laura Menze

Okay. Alright well that's with you now.

22:04 Nichole Santoro


22:05 Laura Menze

Now, how many -- okay so I'm a coach I have got to get out there in network and gaining more clients if I getting my fans out there and then people get to know me so spending time in the office doing all this work. So how much time should have we really funding doing social media if I really, really wanted to work for me?

22:26 Nichole Santoro

I would say only do as much as you can realistically do consistently. You know, I'd love to work out for an hour everyday, but it's not happening. And I think the same can be true with social media. I don't like it to be an all or nothing proposition, a little bit is gonna be better than nothing and you might get more efficient at it so you can spend less time and get more than with it or you know maybe only use a couple of days a week for half an hour and you just scheduled time. But if you're doing it consistently it shows an active presence, it's better to do a little bit frequently than it is to spend four hours one day, four hours a couple of weeks later, you know a kind of that all or nothing approach. And the reason consistency is important is because of your fans and whoever is following you they are the once who are interested to say, "Oh yeah, she's active" you know, she is definitely promoting her business. And you only have to be as active as the people following you really care about. You're not trying to impress a social media manager who is up there five times a day. If you're posting a couple of times a week your network might appreciate that. I do think at the scheduling post on Facebook once a day in Twitter four times a day if you've got that schedule in advance, I think that's helpful. But as far as the time you spent, whatever you can contribute consistently would be my answer.

23:53 Laura Menze

Okay. Or because I am not good all the time at working out like you've pointed out, maybe because of mail given out to you, you do a social media because when nothing nice to just has somebody work out for you?

24:06 Nichole Santoro

Yes, I would love to outsource that. So, yeah. I get outsourcing social media because I really wanna focus on you know building my business in other ways than putting behind the computer all day working on posting. So, I think having someone like you out there, especially someone who is dedicated the coaches.

24:29 Laura Menze


24:30 Nichole Santoro

So, they're few and far between you really understand the coaching business and how important it is to build that truck and how can you keep that connection and that trust the small little board than on social media so you, my dear, a huge value. Well thank you Laura.

24:53 Laura Menze

You might work out for me. So I will be nice and skinny by the time you've done on my social media.

25:01 Nichole Santoro

Now that's a good campaign.

25:03 Laura Menze

Yeah. There you go. Join me in I will help make you skinny.

25:07 Nichole Santoro

Oh my god.

25:08 Laura Menze

Yeah, you know I will... [Crosstalk]

25:13 Nichole Santoro

Outsourcing is wonderful and I definitely provide that service I love it and even when I outsource I do like to see coaches do something that life engagement that I was talking about earlier. So posting, I post them at coach's voice so it's definitely their content, their material and coaches shouldn't have to do that administrative task of adding their content, putting it out there, I agree if they can invest those resources it's hugely helpful. And then when it turns -- comes time that your friends are commenting and interested in talking with you that's almost like somebody calling you on the phone, it's like a sales lead. And at that point I do think it's important for coaches to be either involved in social media or then at that point takeover the conversation and sometimes coaches have insights that they can bring directly to a conversation, that's the part of the beauty of their intuition. So I'd like to see coaches at least somewhat participating in the social media even though that heavy hitting get in the content on the regular schedule. It doesn't necessarily have to fall on their timeline.

26:15 Laura Menze

Well, that makes sense. That's gonna make sense and there is such a fun way about you when you do your post like they're just so witty and funny and just lighthearted and it just makes you have a little skip in your step, you know what I mean?

26:31 Nichole Santoro

Well, thank you. That's all Nichole.

26:33 Laura Menze


26:37 Nichole Santoro

My little corky self. I appreciate that. I do try to have fun with it. I tried to make if I'm laughing as I'm writing the post I know it's a good post so I tried to do that as much as I can.

26:46 Laura Menze

And I do think a lot of people who will respond to you if it's a really funny, witty kind of posting?

26:53 Nichole Santoro

Sometimes yes and so I do try to do more of those but not all the time, you know it's just depends on the day, depends on the post and content, yeah. I repin something...

27:03 Laura Menze


27:04 Nichole Santoro

Yeah. I repin something yesterday for a client and I was like, "Oh, it's kind of fun" and I got like six likes and a comment and honestly I don't know what that at it. Sometimes, it's just magic.

27:16 Laura Menze

And it's just lock on the draw, timing and where everybody's at that day.

27:19 Nichole Santoro

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. So I try not to get to allegiance, if that's the word, to any particular type of content or post, just experiment.

27:31 Laura Menze

Alright, experiment to something I can do definitely.

27:35 Nichole Santoro

Oh, Laura, thank you so much for being my guest today.

27:39 Laura Menze

Oh my pleasure. I've learned so much from you. There is some great insights and a lot of good takeaways, thank you.

27:45 Nichole Santoro

Oh, you're welcome. This is Nichole Santoro encouraging you to get social coach. Bye for now.