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Douglas Wrucke is host and founder of the ministry known as "The Cross and Blood". [please note-as of October 2012-We now have a NEW radio channel here on BlogTalk-with hour plus shows, besides the half hour shows you see here. Our new channel: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/crossandblooddotcom ] Doug is a Pastor with a heavy apostolic and prophetic anointing. As a former Marine and in line with the "flow" on Doug's life, the goals of the ministry (in a word) is to NOT play games, get in there, and "Get the Gosh Darn Job-DONE-In Jesus Name!" >>> There were three levels in the Ark that the Lord told Noah to build. We're doing everything in our power to climb to that HIGHEST level in the Ark-and take as many folks with us as we can, on the way. The Ark is scheduled to be leaving very, very soon. You coming on board with us-or not?

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"Look-the Lord, He is NOT here, He is RISEN " !! Allelujah ! *** For God SO Loved ... http://www.saintjohn316.blogspot.com/p/salvation.html Main Ministry Website: http://crossandblood.com/page.php?2

[This broadcast has been scheduled for all the members of the ministry known as the 'Cross and The Blood'. Pastor Wrucke will be out of town for the Christmas holidays and this broadcast has been pre-recorded for the benefit of the regular... more

Psalm 101 A Psalm of David. I will sing of mercy and judgment: unto thee, O LORD, will I sing. I will behave myself wisely in a perfect way. O when wilt thou come unto me? I will walk within my house with a perfect heart. I will set no... more

This will be a short time of worship with prayer for all listeners. Relax, close the door to the room-and come to the throne, with us, to worship as the angels do *** Short little 8 minute message about WHY you should- and "need to" - enter into... more

Is it possible to be born again, yet STILL have a spirit of fear hindering you? What is the Biblical definition of "fear"? Is it the opposite of faith? These and so many questions just like them will be addressed this coming Sunday @3 p.m.... more

The Blood. Very basic, fundamental teaching within the church. Some folks have 'heard' about it before, some really don't know to much about it at all-other than "it's important". Why Blood? Why HIS Blood? Just what was it that was (is) SO... more

"Once saved, always saved?" Predestination, Calvinism and all those fancy theological arguments that the common person doesn't even want to begin to try and figure out. Does the Bible REALLY anwser this question? Do you think the... more

Extra teaching episode to help address the issue-"How do I overcome, how do I rise above, how do I REALLY get to the 'next' level ?". A couple sure, steadfast truths (that ALWAYS work) to help ANYONE to that 'next step'. This Thursdays... more

Our first shot at this topic really bombed out when we had MAJOR sound problems. This show is being scheduled to address the topic that was being discussed during that time. We will NOT be taking callers during this episide-as... more

Christian NewsWire! According to Matthew 25- NOT EVERYBODY IS READY! We are VERY PLEASED with the response to our first radio show, so we are scheduling this EXTRA episode (besides our 'normal' 3 p.m. Sunday show) to... more
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