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Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together - your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!

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Most people would think that a diagnosis of impotency would mark the end of your sex life. For prostate cancer survivor, Michael Russer, nothing could be further from the truth. Now, he experiences ‘extraordinary emotional and physical intimacy' with his partner that he never had prior to his diagnosis. During an energizing session (which could last up to four hours), his partner has been known to climax a minimum of five times! I know you are dying to know exactly how he does this and he'll be sharing his secrets with me on the show! Megan Hussey and her co-writer Saqqarah started Metaphysical Erotica to write positive stories with powerful heroines and hot men. In fact, their book Lovers has topped several Amazon best seller lists. They are living proof that indie feminist authors. Tune in to find out what women want in erotic literature and how they are fulfilling that need.
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Tonight's show is all about strength, our first guest, Dale Staten, author of The Hooker's Daughter developed her strength through her own unique and distressing childhood. When Dale Stanten was 6-years old, her mother started... more

One in five high school students say they have experienced bullying. The numbers are slightly higher for junior high students. The effects of bullying go far beyond the cafeteria or classroom. Depression, isolation, and anxiety follow the... more

In this short show, Karyn takes on dealing with your past and inappropriate sexting (as if any sexting is really appropriate! When it comes to issues of the past, all you can do is learn from it and forgive. There are no do-overs and there... more

Coffee, caffeine and copious amounts of sugar can only do so much. What you need is some sleep, and not just any sleep, but some good quality sleep! Sleep can improve your mood, help you cope with stress, boost your weight... more

According to author, CPA and financial planner, Tom Corley, the rich really are different! He'll discuss the habits and mindset that set the wealthy apart from the rest of us. He'll also discuss what we can start doing to change our financial... more

Etiquette used to be about using the right fork and saying Please and Thank You. However, cell phones, email, text messaging and Facebook have made etiquette more intricate. What do you do when someone unfriends you on... more

Timogi Jackson is a woman on a mission. She is dedicated to empowering women to heal themselves and to be their very best. Karyn will talk to Timogi about the need for healing and the power of forgiveness. She'll also discuss the... more

The Internet, Facebook, texting, and sexting, getting intimate is easier than ever. Almost half of married men admit to cheating and infidelity is one area where women are quickly closing the cheating gap. Karyn talks to private investigator... more

Whether you have never been married, find yourself divorced or even widowed, dating doesn't have to be a dreadful experience. The Dating Goddess will be here to bless us with her sage advice designed to put the fun back in dating. In the... more

When it comes to nutrition and fitness, if you want to see real results then you need to C-Reel Results with John Henry Creel. For almost 20 years now he's been a personal trainer and before he transforms your body, he'll transform... more
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