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Join host Karyn Beach for Get It Together Girl Radio! More than just girl talk, it's about helping you get it together - your home, your relationships, your money, your whatever!

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Most people would think that a diagnosis of impotency would mark the end of your sex life. For prostate cancer survivor, Michael Russer, nothing could be further from the truth. Now, he experiences ‘extraordinary emotional and physical intimacy' with his partner that he never had prior to his diagnosis. During an energizing session (which could last up to four hours), his partner has been known to climax a minimum of five times! I know you are dying to know exactly how he does this and he'll be sharing his secrets with me on the show! Megan Hussey and her co-writer Saqqarah started Metaphysical Erotica to write positive stories with powerful heroines and hot men. In fact, their book Lovers has topped several Amazon best seller lists. They are living proof that indie feminist authors. Tune in to find out what women want in erotic literature and how they are fulfilling that need.
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This is the time of year for our favorite things and in this hour, I've combined two of my favorite things, music and trivia. It wasn't easy but I found a couple Thanksgiving songs as well as a couple that focus on gratitude and... more

In just one week and a day, we will officially kick off the holiday season with Thanksgiving (and Black Friday). There will be lots of food, football and, of course, family. We can't do much about the football, but today's show will focus on... more

Tonight's show features two guests who survived and thrived their turbulent teens some truly astronomical odds. Jillian Bullock is the CEO of Jaguar Productions, a wellness and empowerment entertainment company. She is currently a... more

November is National Diabetes Month. Type 2 Diabetes is quickly approaching epidemic levels. Karyn talks about the disease, what is it, how can it be prevented, living with it and dying from it. Complications from diabetes robbed... more

Money will never solve all of your problems; but let's be honest, it can alleviate a lot of them. Daniel Kofke ( is the author of How to Survive (and perhaps Thrive) on a Teacher's Salary and A Simple Book of... more

Many people suffer daily with chronic pain. Making it through the day is often a struggle and pain killers are not always the answer. Enter Dr. Daniel Twogood. He has plan for pain relief which he lays out in his book, Chronic Pain Gone in 90... more

If I asked you what your most important relationship is, you might say the relationship with your children, significant other or parents. I would challenge you on that. The most important relationship you have (in my opinion) is the... more

There are almost 8 million businesses in the U.S. owned by women. As the numbers continue to increase, we need to look closely at how women conduct business. Kelly Fletcher is the CEO of Fletcher PR, a public relations firm in... more

Author and spealker Rick Kolster stops by to talk about his new book, Roll Up Your Sleeves and Get to Work. According to Rick, it's a combination of attitude, commitment and action that are the keys to success. He'll share tips on how you... more

Be it divorce, financial hardship, job loss, medical diagnosis, problems with children or mental health struggles, we all have our struggles. Yet how we handle those struggles can be the difference between finding success or finding more of... more
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