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Lori A Mosby

America Debates


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Discussions about current events involving public interest topics. Breaks down the latest developments, all while keeping you in the know.

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According to John W. Whitehead of the Huffington Post: What remains to be seen is whether 2014 will bring more of the same or whether "we the people" will wake up from our somnambulant states. Indeed, when it comes to civil liberties and... more

According to George Farrow: It's no political secret that African -Americans overwhelmingly vote Democratic. Democratsroutinely see between 85-90% of the Black community vote in their favor. In a country that so highly... more

According to Pray 4 Zion: Four, blood moons on Biblical Feast days within two years in Israel is very rare and has only occurred seven times since the time of Yeshua (Jesus). There are now four blood moons scheduled to appear in... more

According to "Before It's News": As usual, we're being distracted by ‘important things' while MORE important things are taking place in our government! They're in the process of denying us our constitutional rights, our... more

According to WND: A key Hawaii official in the dispute over Barack Obama's birth certificate – who lifted state restrictions to allow the White House to present the document to the public – has died in a plane crash. Loretta... more

According to Alfred McCoy, a professor od history at the University of Wisconsin: The demise of the United States as the global superpower could come far more quickly than anyone imagines. If Washington is dreaming of 2040 or 2050 as... more

According to Craig Biddle: One of the explicit goals of Islamists is to pervert U.S. and Western culture by infusing it with Islamic values and gradually preparing it for the implementation of Islamic law (aka sharia). As the Muslim Brotherhood... more

According to the Conservative Infidel: Rep. Wilson yells ?liar? after Obama says illegal immigrants won't be insured. Well it's seems like Joe Wilson had it right. Americans should be tired of this dance with the devil when it comes to... more

Save Your Life NOT a Dollar! Here are the facts according to Forbes Magazine: Welcome to Brawl-Mart. Mayhem erupted at big-box stores across the USA as frenzied shoppers vying for holiday deals turned on each other and resorted to... more

China Owns Most of Americ's Debt! A Chinese speaker tells students in the year 2030 that all great empires fall because they turn their back on their ideals that once made them great. The Greek empire, Roman, British, and the... more