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I am Geralyn St. Joseph, a psychic intuitive who helps people reconnect with Spirit. All the services I offer are geared toward helping you achieve a greater awareness of your place in the world and your effect upon it. Services include Spiritual guidance, couple’s guidance, psychic readings, motivational speaking and instruction for better communication in all relationships.

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In honor of Father's Day we will discuss The Importance of Being Daddy. What impact did your father have on you? Did or do you have a dad? What is a dad supposed to bring to the table? What do you do if you grow up without a stable... more

In the past weeks we have discovered ways to begin our spiritual journey and what to do if we lose our way. What does it feel like to be truly connected to God, the Universe? Where do we find God? What are our beliefs about God.... more

We explored beginning our spiritual journey, falling off the wagon, forgiveness and knowing our emotional selves. We found that forgiveness is an active process. Part of that process is acknowledging our part in the situation, and owning our... more

In our last episode we discussed Forgiveness. Part of the process of forgiveness is recognizing your true emotions surrounding a person or situation. If you are unaware, or not honest about how you feel, resolution is impossible. This week... more

Last week we discussed getting back on track after a fall from grace. This week let's look at forgiveness. What it is, what it isn't and what it can give you. We will probably focus on forgiveness in relationship, but I can't promise anything. Spirit... more

The last few shows we talked about beginning your spiritual journey. What if you were doing just fine. Or so you thought, then someone, or something, enters your life that just knocks you completely off course. In the beginning it may... more

WAKE UP!!!! It's time to wake up and start living your life. Really LIVE... Stop being a zombie spending every day in a state of apathy. Wake Up!

Many of us wander through life without a solid connection with Spirit. We feel empty, incomplete and lonely. When our connection to Spirit [God, the Universe or by which ever name you choose to call it] is active we experience... more

This week, let's examine the meaning of the authentic self. Many people use the phrase 'being authentic', but how many of us truly are? We'll explore what the authentic self is, how to find it and how to maintain it. The authentic self is... more

We discussed self esteem last week and I found that there was so much information that I didn't get to it all. I also received requests for more information on how to support our children in developing good self esteem. this time we... more
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