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George Shibers Lectures

George Shiber's Lectures


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Academic discussions in Philosophy, Mathematical Logic, and Mathematics.

On-Demand Episodes

On the measurability and succession relation for large cardinals and on the ineffability of 'real' infinities'

Some criteria for 'largeness' in the theory of SuperStrong Large Cardical Axioms and on a quasi-well-ordering relation between large cardinals

some arguments relating a metaphysical notion of freedom and deontic moral reasoning with concepts of responsibility

A logical proof that the axiom of infinity is derivable from more basic principles, and reflections on supercompact and sharp large cardinal 'axiom'

In defense of metaphysical realism and a refutation of idealist/anti-realists conceptions of truth and 'reality'

In defense of metaphysical realism and epistemic objectivism and a paraconsistent dialethicist conception of truth

In defense of metaphysical and scientific realism and objecivism in scientific epistemology and the modal logic of scientific theories

On strong hypothesis iin the theory of large cardinals, a few theorems on Supercompactness and Extendability principles

mathematical and philosophical refutations of the Kraussian claim and the standard view that the universe ex nihilo was 'created' out of quantum 'nothing'-ness

On metaphysical realism, truth, science and objectvity