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George Shibers Lectures

George Shiber's Lectures


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Academic discussions in Philosophy, Mathematical Logic, and Mathematics.

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Some of my proofs that superstring (M) Theory is the only possible GuTheory, and some reflections on the philosophy of physics/science (the 'physical' proofs will be provided in pdf-form and linked in various groups and my page)

In defense of DE and the principle of luck-equality and reciprocity

on supersymmetric gauge invariance and the uniqueness of superstring-M-Theory w.r.t. gauge/gravity dualities and shrodinger symmetries (lecture 3, part 2)

On what do aestheic pleonastic evaluations and 'properties' supervene

Reflections on the relative consistency of large cardinals in the range between supercompact to Vopenka's Principle, and the limits of large cardinal axioms

Supersymmetry breaking and super-gauge invariant quantum-gravity theories - part 2 (in a series on superstring M-theory)

Arguments from super-gauge symmetries and 'no-miracles' to show, that, up to isomorphism, superstring theory is the only coherent GuT - part 1

A defense of non-pleonastic modal constructive contractarianism for moral ontologies

I will prove that the class of cardinals fixed by by an elementary embedding induced by a fine ultrafilter relative to a supercompact large cardinal can be equally characterized similarly but relative to a strongly compact cardinal <... more

The principle of alternate possibility and the principle of possible action, and on the a-priori loopholes of moral theories