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George Shibers Lectures

George Shiber's Lectures


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Academic discussions in Philosophy, Mathematical Logic, and Mathematics.

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Kant on teleology, reason, and autonomy

Kant on Human Spontaneity, Autonomy, the Natural Order and the Moral Order

Studies and analyses in Kantian Philosophy.

On the Principles Of Possible Action and Of Prevention.

Short of provable inconsistency, what are the strongest large cardinal axioms, and a look at extending into inconsistency with paraconsistent dialethicist truth-theory

on the illusion of first-person knowledge of intentional states and reflections what could count as neuropsychological evidence of consciousness

On the provability or non-provability of certain mathematical theorems wiithin 'weak' subsystems of second-order number theory in relation to differential equations, in particular, the Cauchy-Peano existence-theorem for solutions to... more

I construct a model in which 'strongness' of a cardinal k is indestructible under k+-weakly closed Prikry Forcing, and a solution to Hajnal's Conjecture

On the problem of shared preferences of 2 or more Bayesian decision makers and the necessity to indexicalize conditionalization, and some reflections on the impact on theory-selection in science

Democratic vs. Political Egalitarianism: two critiques and a look forward