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George Shibers Lectures

George Shiber's Lectures


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Academic discussions in Philosophy, Mathematical Logic, and Mathematics.

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A proof: if every uncountable model of a theory T is omega-saturated and T is superstable, then T is categorical.

Exploring liberational theories of oppression under the principle of ontological pluralism

Model-completion, ultrapower-saturation and intra-theoretic rationality in mathematical practice

A short reply to a 4-Dimensionalist attack against 3-dimensionalism

A universalistic/virtue ethic critique of Fletcher's basic contention that loyalty is the central and ineliminable feature of morality.

A modal-essentialist solution to Chrysippus' puzzle.

A critical appraisal of Susy and String Theory: a devil's advocate's perspective

Some remarks on mathematics and quantum field theory, part 1.

Strongly compact cardinals, elementary embeddings and characterization by fixed points and fine ultrafilters.

Two versions of Curry's paradox are presented, a paradox highly regarded as the most vexing and the most threatening to a consistent and viable truth-theory, with some conclusions drawn.