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We are all called by God. We may not know it or see it but we are called nevertheless. No matter the task, we all have a role in advancing the kingdom of God. In His kingdom there is nothing unimportant. The scriptures has many examples of small tasks having significance. HOW DO WE KNOW THAT WE ARE CALLED? As we go through some scriptures, we will learn that God uses people of all stripes. The important aspect of our calling is to heed to it.
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It can be disconcerting when the life we once knew is uprooted. We may become anxious and afraid. This is also an opprtunity to make new discoveries. We meet new people, have new opportunities to participate in activities that we enjoy. It's... more

In this month of pride celebrations, love is one word that's spoken quite a bit. I am also reminded of how God loves each and everyone of us. Why is it that some say that God doesn't love us because we may not fit the so called norms of... more

This special program will feature poetry from many great poets. Milton. Hughes. Dunbar. Oliver. Angelou. Brooks. Shakespeare. Also featured will be poetry from not so famous authors. There is some wonderful and beautiful poetry... more

God gives each one of us has a calling to do his work and his will. Do you know what your calling is? If yu know, does fear and trepidation hold your back? In today's lesson, you will discover that God has equipped each of us with gifts and... more

The last poetry session was very successful so I decided to have another program featuring the poems of various poets and my own works. You hear all genres from such poets as Shakespeare, Langston Hughes, Bob Kaufman, Nikki Giovanni,... more

Just as renovation of a building changes the appearance, God does renovation in our hearts and minds. Old ways of seeing and doing things give way to new and better ways of doing things. Today's lesson is taken from Isaiah 43:18,19.... more

The last fruit of the spirit is just as important as the first one. Without discipline and self-control one can do damage to him/herself and to others. Today's talk will center on why we must be disciplined and have control over over our desires... more

A gentle or kind word can diffuse the most tense of circumstances. A gentle person is known to people who they come in contact with. Jesus was gentle.

Faithfulness is the sticktotiveness that keeps us going no matter what happens. Jesus is th perfect example of faithfulness. It requires patience and love.

Goodness should be tantamount in every Chirstian's life. God showers his goodness on us every day and we should do likewise to our fellow human being. Goodness and kindness are some times though to be the same thngs however... more