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transgender, spirituality

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As we celebrte the birth of Jesus Christ, let us remember those folks who are lonely, downcast and broken. With all the turmoil going about in the world, there is still hope and possibilities. It is important to remember that there was... more

Of all the phrases that have been attributed to the bible this is probably the most commonly quoted. However, is it true that God helps those who hels themselves? What about the quadraphlegic? The person with mental illness or a physical... more

'Love the sinner, hate the sin' is one of those phrases that many attribute to the bible. Is it in the bible? Is it something that Jesus said? Often this phrase is used by some against LGBTQ people to mean that they are less than worthy... more

The day after the pride parade I surmised that next years's parade is being planned. I also said that God's work goes on constantly. He is working in the lives of many people all over the globe. What are his plans for your life? It's... more

On July 26th, I will celibrate ten years of living as a transgender person. It has been an interesting journey to say the least. It's a journey that has been challenging, thought provoking and liberating. With each passing year I discover... more

There are teachings in the scriptures that speak directly to each person. To apply to a person something that does not is not only wrong but disrespects the person as an individual. As we look at Matthew 19: 10-12, we will see how... more

Pride is defined as having a great opinion of oneself. Pride is also being happy with who you are. The former can make a person become insensitive to others and their feelings. The latter can be folks who are comfortable in their own... more

God will use people and things that society may deem unworthy, or not right, or not even considered.He has used fisherman, a king, and a shepherd. Jesus was a carpenter. God looks at a person's heart, not their outward appearance.... more

Treating someone as if they don't belong or are not worthy or 'less than' is not only wrong but goes against Jesus' command to love your neighbor as you would yourself. Jesus was in situations were people weren't 'churchy' but he showed... more

How can a person say that they love God and yet hate their brothers and sisters. Anyone who is a child of God must love their brother or sister or the love of God is not in them. Jesus loved the people whi crucified him. Even when it... more