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You are a on the special needs parent journey. We talk about the ups and downs or our many trails, adventures and how we eventually reach some of those peaks.

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My son doesn't say too many words. Nor do many other kids with autism. It is a struggle in daily life. It is also a struggle when it seems to impede a parents ability to help the child. This is my story and how we are working with what... more

It's hard not to miss everything and everyone telling us that we are not enough. It's everywhere, but we also add to it. It is beneficial if we can take a step back and really define what we want. What success is and make sure it is... more

In this episode Gina shares a confession. She got off the happy authentic parenting wagon this spring. It wasn't fun. She felt guilty. Tired. And worn out. She shares how she worked her way back. How she will probably need to work her... more

In this episode Gina shares experience of something that triggered her in parenting for a long time. She tried counseling, mindfulness, gratitude journals, regular exercise- you name it. However, it wasn't until months later that she... more

Have you ever had a bad day and the universe proved you right? Did you know that the bad day probably started in your head? As humans we like to focus on the negative. It's easy and it's everywhere. But perhaps the negative appears... more

Do you think you can? Or do you think you cannot? Last week we talked in general about words and the pain they might relate to others. This week we want to take it to another level and consider what your words mean to you. Are... more

Words. Communication. It happens all day long and we participate in form or another. But what do they really mean? What do our words really mean? Do we mean what we say? Do we mean what our body says? Gina has a son with non... more

In this episode Gina shares personal experiences about herself and others where they have tried to control another person and it did not work. She shares tips about taking a step back and going with the flow, working with the situation... more

Remembering to focus on what really matters in parenting can be hard! It is so easy to get caught up in the messes and tasks! Join us for a little story about turmeric, enjoy the fact that my kitchen floor is yello and not yours and lets get... more

Gina Baker is a parent of a child with autism and life coach. Having dealt with her own depression and struggles she developed the Genius Parenting Podcast to help reach out to other parents also struggling in the uncharted territory... more