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GenesisKey the Future is yours

GenesisKey the Future is yours


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Hello, After many years of "doing it right" I have been "decived" for about 21 days, So can you, don't be decived by the Apostates, listen and know what God really says about what to eat, and what not to eat. Leviticus 19:26 ?Ye shall not... more

This is about God telling his servant to warn people, not just his people but his enemies. It's Ezekiel 25 It's about wrath It's about a powerful king full wisdom and perfect in beauty It's about his destruction and the destruction of all those who... more

What are the things that cause a land to come unto jugdment of the all mighty God of all creation? Deuteronomy 18 10:11 What are the things that cause a land to come unto judgment of the all mighty God of all creation? People... more

Jesus has called many pastors a strong word. (hupocrites hoop-ok-ree-tace') G5271 meaning actors. Isaiah 56:11 calls them greedy dogs. They convince widows to donate more than they can afford to them so they can buy air... more

PS: "i misspoke God of course did not MAKE the tower of Babel he knocked it down. I repent of that and i just rememberd a had a dream years ago where I heard the word migwaah, and for some reason did use it while evangelizing.... more

Everlasting habitations? Jesus mentions them and in the Old Testament God states that all compacts with hell shall be annulled. So what are and where are they? We open the lines of discussion to this and other thoughts, but beware -... more

Believing in Jesus and that Jehovah, the God of all creation has sent him and believing in his apostles and miracles they performed is grace that saves. It means that Jesus is praying for you and asking God to sanctify you. You of... more

Not even Daniel, had instant communication back and forth. God hears us when we pray, but it took 21 days for Daniel to hear back. God's not like twitter, who are we to him that he is even mindful of us. Praise and thank him for his grace... more

The First Steps:

We all want to be treated well. Then why do people hurt people? From small slights to genocide daily many people Totally ignore the Golden Rule. How can we learn temperance? How can we influence others to good works and... more