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US Global Midterm 2018

  • Broadcast in Politics
General Welfare - Paul Glumaz

General Welfare - Paul Glumaz


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 Whatever the "professional" pollsters are saying about a projected Democratic electoral landslide in the mid-term elections that will shift the Congress and impeach Trump, one thing is clear, the whole predictability of elections in the U.S. by the standards of the polling industry have collapsed.  However, if this predicted outcome of the pollsters were actually believed, the British and their minions in the U.S would not be getting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates to cripple Trump's modest economic recovery and perhaps bring down the whole system before the midterms.  The Fed raising interest rates is another escalation against Trump domestically as well as internationally against the emerging nations coming into the Belt and Road.

The next escalation is the International Panel on Climate Change report that demands no nuclear and the need to reduce carbon emissions 99% by 2050.  Put that one in your pipe and smoke it.  This is going to cause havoc in Europe where "green" is the upper crust, and the European population still thinks of themselves as "underlings" to the aristocracy.  However there is a revolt against this within Europe.  The inflection point may be the European Parliamentary elections.Le Pen of France and Matteo Salvini of Italy as well as other parties will be running for European Parliament on an anti-Euro platform and Salvini could be the next head of the European Parliament.  In a quick "Heil" response to the IPCC report, the energy ministers of Europe have just met and have agreed that carbon emissions from cars must be reduced by 35% by 2030.  This IPCC report is also going to be used as a battering ram against China's Belt and Road because global industrialization will increase the "carbon footprint" and the plants will love it.