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"Generational Curse? Are we doomed for failure?".

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 In the writing of the US Constitution, many for Father's agreed that blacks were directly affected and led to be slaves because of our birth rites as James Madison stated "Negros, because of circumstances were doomed to be the slaves of our captors as punishment from  God". That we who were born of negro descent be forever indebted to be their servants. This was an ungodly approach to make us believe that our worth is beneath theirs. Quoting scripture that was written in the Bible by unknown sources that wanted to break our confidence while they manipulate the financial and economical monopoly that was soon to be born after the civil war and the booking of the industrial era. In order to get control of all the banking and property in this Western Hemisphere. Let's take a close look at that tonight. Dispelling the myths of the past history lies are on the talk table. The first myth was the colonization of the Americas. You were not apart of that dream you were to build it and let them take it from you as did the indians. Understanding that if anyone human being deemed himself better than you than that isn't of God. Second, God has commandments that he had Moses get on the mountain top, and if you look around all the Christian of the slavery era had no shame in making you work for free labor and now tell you that Negros are lazy. If blacks were as lazy then as they are now then would this country be the greatest in the world?? Thirdly, if church and state are not to be together then why are there special priveleges i.e tax breaks etc.. for them?? Fourth, why is the "IN GOD WE TRUST" on our currency?? They never believed in Him but used his image to lead us to church with thoughts of we aren't worthy to be wealthy... We can't have the power to unify ourselves, but in fact they are scared to death if we do... But they unbeknownst? to their journey man we have an higherappointment.