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"Constitution 101". The real truth behind The United States Constitution.

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"Constitution 101". Public Policy. What does it mean to us as a society?? 
The United States Constitution, drafted in 1787 by our forefathers was built on principles of freedom and morality that every has the natural right under the nature of God Laws and he the beneficiary of it. They each are equal with the opportunities to purchase land, and build in the America's. But a shift in power to federalism caused the divide of the North and South threatening to ruin the growth of the nation. To understand our rights as the beneficiaries of this historical legal document and it's authenticity as it was originally written by our forefathers by the principles and purpose of It's origin.  It was written to protect the land and its people of the states, and to regulate foreign trade, international involvement, regulation of commerce and the organization of the Military forces. Divided into three branches, legislative, executive and the judicial offices of government were formed. Since 1900, combined government spending in the United States—local, state, and federal—has grown from less than eight percent of GDP to nearly forty percent. In addition, the people’s representatives have abdicated their constitutional legislative power to executive agencies, agencies which now exercise all three functions of government. Although these trends indicate America has moved away from the Founders’ understanding of constitutionally limited government, self-government can be restored through a revival of a constitutional understanding of public policy. Tonight we are going to discuss what public policy is in relation to what is going on over the nation where citizens (public) are becoming victims to the policy (policing) and how we can turn around the laws to make them work as they were written...