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THE NERD COUCH is a show geared towards encouraging and enlightening fellow nerds and geeks out there. The topic covers things from Motivation to tips for self improvement. It all comes from some common sense advice courtesy of Geek Soul Brother and Friends. (formally Chillin' with Geek Soul Brother!)

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Come join me as I interview Cedric Hood, writer and creator of the upcoming independent comic - Codename: Absolution. Cedric gives his take on being an independent writer, what it's like to write a Latina space traveling protagonist,... more

Walking Dead was a bit of a tug at the heart strings last night. We finally got to see what happened to Morgan, the guy with the son that helped Rick in the beginning of season one. I didn't spoil it completely, but needless to say, Morgan... more

OOPS! - There's Silence after the Intro Music For about 30 Secs. It's not you it's Me!. SORRY!! It's the beginning of Women's History Month. And besides giving a shout out to many of the ladies that support Geek Soul Brother, I Flashback... more

Sometimes Self-Reflection is hard. We don't have it as hard as James T. Kirk, when he was split into his good and bad side by a transporter malfunction. But at times it's difficult to look at your faults as well as your strengths. In this... more

What would happen if Shaft traveled into the Star Wars universe and met Lando? Who would pull more alien ladies? Who would fight better with a blaster or light-sabar? This Wednesday Versus was suggested by my man El Camino,... more

Hey my Geeks and Geekettes, have you been watching The Following? Kevin Bacon finally did his thing in this recent episode. I also talked about Being Human and how the supernatural trio are in trouble again, as if that's a surprise. And to... more

So even if you're a cute little African-American kid that's up for an Academy Award, you're still the target for jokes that are absolutely tasteless, sexist, and crossing the line. Lord Dalek from AnimationRevelation.com joins me as we talk... more

Wesley Snipes puts down the Blade and picks up the Gun in his new supernatural western movie GALLOWWALER. He's a cursed cowboy that turns the people that he's killed into zombies. It sounds to crazy to pass up. Also a... more

So you're a new dad. But not just a dad, you're a Geek Dad! Maybe you're wondering how good of a job you will do at being a Dad? Because instead of having football trophies in your house from those high school days, you have... more

Yes, Geek Soul Brother got his Teen Paranormal Romance on when he went to see the newest amalgamation of teen loves teen creature stories in BEAUTIFUL CREATURES. And since today is Wednesday I rant about Hollywood, and give... more