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THE NERD COUCH is a show geared towards encouraging and enlightening fellow nerds and geeks out there. The topic covers things from Motivation to tips for self improvement. It all comes from some common sense advice courtesy of Geek Soul Brother and Friends. (formally Chillin' with Geek Soul Brother!)

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Hey geeks. How do you choose if something is more important than another something? That's the Nerd Couch topic for today. And talking about prioritizing, Geek Soul Brother is moving The Nerd Couch to a Segment of my... more

You can do it by yourself, but it's almost always better to find a team mate to help you with a project or goal. In this episode we talk about how a partner can help you focus more and balance out the things you might not be good at. Hey geek... more

Today's show talks about how Nerds sometimes help out people with certain problems. Mostly on the technical level, but also with some other things that nerds usually know about (picking the right superhero films to watch for instance).... more

There are times when being a goofball or an odd duckling is the perfect fit for what you migh want to do. In an interview on my other podcast, Toks Olagundoye talked about how her goofy ways worked out for her role in the TV show - The... more

Hey everybody! I'm asking the question today on The Nerd Couch: Do People Believe in You More Than You Believe in Yourself? Scifi and Fantasy are filled with stories about the hero that doesn't realize their true potential. Take... more

Why do nerds hate on stuff so much? If a game isn't right, or that comic movie takes a different direction, the hate comes out. Are we just creating a hate culture, or are these passionate criticisms legitimate? Also, Big Baba Rob and I... more

In this episode Big Baba Rob and Geek Soul Brother talk about the way people sometimes have to 'Have It Now'! People getting things as soon as it comes out, or as soon as they have a little money. This can mess a brother or sister up,... more

Anything that you do in life usually starts with a decision from your mind. So the question is - What Is Your Mind Set? Are you positive and take action like most superheroes in comics? Are you negative and wait like most other people in... more

They were the bad guys in the Beatles' Movie THE YELLOW SUBMARINE, but there are Meanies of all colors in real life too. People that just didn't develop those Kindergarten social skills. Or maybe it's genetic, or even environment that... more

Sometimes problems are not as big as we percieve them. Other times, they are for real! In this Nerd Couch I want to talk about how people can look at a problem from a different perspective. Come and spend some time Chillin' with Geek... more