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Biff's a geek who works in a mine and his co-workers don't know what he's talking about half the time. Danimator is an animator and knows too many geeks, because most artists are pretty geeky. So they decided to have a radio show to feed Biff's inner geek and have a great time doing it! The cardinal rule ... the hosts don't Google on the show, it's all inner knowledge, yo. So, grab a beer and enjoy the show with our weekly real-life industy-pro guests!

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What's Halloween without a little blood and guts? And we've got one of the masters on the subject this week. It's Happy Tree Friends Co-Creator, Kenn Navarro on our extra special episode where we celebrate all things of the macabre and spooky! So, what's Kenn been up to? How did the show even happen in the first place? Want to share your first exposure to gore? Say hi to Kenn and send him some love for all his awesome epsiodes of our favorite crazy-cute-epic-blood-fest internet cartoon show! So, get out your see-through, plastic tarp and put on those rubber suits. It's gonna get gross in here. We might even strong-arm a previous guest or two into joining us on the air! You never know with us, right? We'll see you in the chatroom!
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Our favorite teddy bear geek, Teddy Rubskin is back to help us talk about the best news from Comic Con. Be sure to check out Teddy's awesome channel on YouTube and Daily Motion! Subscribe! He updates often and keeps you posted... more

It's Comic Con Weekend! What a crazy fun place for geeks to get the latest awesome news and shwag for all the latest geek-pop-culture! Yeah, we're talkin' Comic Con. ...and ... well, that was the intended topic of dialog, but Biff... more

Get ready to be inspired ... Whenever Danimator mentions Pascal Campion among his artist buddies at work, the reaction is something like "OOoohh, I LOVE Pascal's work!" and usually is followed from folks who've met him with "He's... more

We're all super excited about the new Star Wars Rebels TV series ... and none more excited than Danimator's old buddy! See, Vaughn missed out on all the hype for Clone Wars, because he was involved in it as a storyboard artist before... more

Well, we already heard about the cool Lightsaber class that Danimator and his lovely wife, Maye have been attending, but we thought it'd be cool to hear more from the source ... because more Star Wars is always awesome. Instructor... more

So, I read Lyla's blog from a few weeks back concerning the new Xmen: Days of Future Past, where she asks ... "I am wondering why more people aren't asking – why is Mystique completely naked? Also – doesn't it seem sexist... more

We saw the latest trailer for Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and, after crapping our pants, decided to have a show to discuss these Planet of the Apes films. Danimator has fond memories of Arturo Lindbergh making video tapes of all the... more

Remember our Juggernaut Bitch show? Well, that'd be the "first appearance" of Gorilla Joe on Geek Pile. Check out show #25 in the archives. If you've been following his Gorilla Joe podcast here on BTR, then you know he's one clever... more

This week, we have more ladies in the studio! Danimator's lovely wife Maye returns to talk about what it's like to learn lightsaber duel ... but how? Why? Be sure to catch the start of the show when Steph Laberis joins us to talk about her... more

We're always jazzed to have a fellow geek on the show, but it's great when they've got a cause, too! Here's a blurb from Kasi Jammeh's web comic at "The Adventures of Hawt Flash and Solara is a web comic... more