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Biff's a geek who works in a mine and his co-workers don't know what he's talking about half the time. Danimator is an animator and knows too many geeks, because most artists are pretty geeky. So they decided to have a radio show to feed Biff's inner geek and have a great time doing it! The cardinal rule ... the hosts don't Google on the show, it's all inner knowledge, yo. So, grab a beer and enjoy the show with our weekly real-life industy-pro guests!

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So, there was a toy called He-Man and it came with a comic book that was more like an illustrated storybook. There was also the famous cartoon on TV from Filmation studios. It would seem that there's a noticable difference between... more

Grab your blue helmets, uniforms and black facemasks, because it's about to get real. Imagine, there's this exremely well funded terrorist group with a bonified nut in control of it all whos face no one has ever seen! They can overtake... more

"Yo, Adrian!!" Zacke Bateman joins us again back to talk about the Rocky movies. The good, the bad and the athletic socks. Plus, there's a new movie called "Creed" coming out ... thank god it's not about the band !! But yeah, it looks like... more

From Faked Moon Landings to our Evil Reptillian overloards, we're gonna bust out all our knowledge on the latest, greatest and most classic conspiracy theories out there, in addition to whatever weird-ass stories we can think of. While we're at... more

It's time to get down to the nitty gritty and ask "who would beat who?" in fight to the end in the Geek Universe. Batman vs Superman? How about Superman vs Aquaman? Robocop vs Megaman? Goku vs Ken? Bugs Bunny vs ... ? It's an... more

Biff and Danimator traveled to sunny San Diego & Los Angeles last weekend to help at Project Hope 2015, be in a wedding and just hang out together. They had a blast, even though they missed the Comic Con news, so it's time to... more

FYI, Danimator traveled across the nation to help film a documentary! It was just before we started Geek Pile and it's finally been released to the world, yay! But, there was SO much content to share, that the director, Rock N Roll decided to... more

It's a good time to be a geek and it's Pride Week! Time to get happy! Teddy Rubskin joins us again as we talk about Gay Pride a little ... but mostly we talk about who's gay in the geek pop-culture. It all comes back to robot balls for Biff,... more

"Hey You Guys!!" We're sharing our travel tales and adventures because we've traveled and adventured! Gus and Adam are Danimator's work pals from Storm8 and they hit Japan recently ... but for the second time (possibly more). What... more

Russ Martin, an old pal of Biff's is all about "cinema". We talk about a lot of Batman, a little Ant Man, Captain America and Wolverine. Plus, Teddy Rubskin hops in on this show and shares his opinions on things. (we think his Bat-Radar... more