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Biff's a geek who works in a mine and his co-workers don't know what he's talking about half the time. Danimator is an animator and knows too many geeks, because most artists are pretty geeky. So they decided to have a radio show to feed Biff's inner geek and have a great time doing it! The cardinal rule ... the hosts don't Google on the show, it's all inner knowledge, yo. So, grab a beer and enjoy the show with our weekly real-life industy-pro guests!

On-Demand Episodes

It's that thing we all have thought of at least once, to make your very own toy. Draw your own action figure design and have it brought to life. Hold it in your own hand and know that it's all you. You thought it up, now it's real! Well,... more

Join us as we chill out with one of the coolest cats Danimator has had the pleasure to work with back in the days of WildBrain. Since Vic has a passion for music and, as an accomplished artist he loves to draw monsters, why not talk... more

Steven Chitty and Bill Karalius have a dream, to create an animated series called Sketches! We're going to learn all about the show and get y'all pumped to make this show a reality! Whoo-hoo! Check out thier Indigogo page ...... more

YEAH!! Virtual Reality, man! Sword Art Online! The Matrix! Lawnmower Man!! ... OK, maybe not so much Lawnmower Man, but YEAH! It's coming back in a major way. So much so, that our guest Tipatat Chennavasin says it will replace... more

When you're at a BBQ and the topic of conversation is Hoverboards ... and you draw a crowd, rather than make folks turn and walk away ... THAT's a good BBQ. That's Burning Loaf and it was pretty damn geek-friendly and fun! Listen to learn... more

What's Halloween without a little blood and guts? And we've got one of the masters on the subject this week. It's Happy Tree Friends Co-Creator, Kenn Navarro on our extra special episode where we celebrate all things of the... more

Can wolverine die? Really?! Did Danimator end up wearing a skirt at Warrior Dash this weekend? Why should we watch Gotham if Batman is never on the show? Who was the voice of the original Boba Fett? We cover all that and more... more

Biff and Dan follow up thier Alternative Press Expo adventure with Day 2 on-site interviews with Danimator as the "Man on The Street". We'll also cover a bit of geek-news! What's this about a NEW opening for Star Wars Rebels?! Say... more

Danimator hosted a Geek Pile table at the Alternative Press Expo in San Francisco. He shares his on-site interviews with exhibitors and attendees from day one with Biff. More to come!