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Biff's a geek who works in a mine and his co-workers don't know what he's talking about half the time. Danimator is an animator and knows too many geeks, because most artists are pretty geeky. So they decided to have a radio show to feed Biff's inner geek and have a great time doing it! The cardinal rule ... the hosts don't Google on the show, it's all inner knowledge, yo. So, grab a beer and enjoy the show with our weekly real-life industy-pro guests!

On-Demand Episodes

It's the first Sunday of the month, so we're starting our First Sunday Series, or FSS with Teddy Rubskin! This time we're talking about the different schools of geek: Sci-fi, fantasy, horror and comics ... and each school has a differnt type,... more

Andy's back and we're talking about giant robots! That whatever the heck we feel like. As you may or may not know, Andy works on the awesome show, Adventure Time on Cartoon Network! But, we may not go there, I mean, come on, that's... more

So, No Biff this week. He had to attend a wedding. Life stuff. It's cool. Geeks have lives, afterall! Danimator's chum and returning guest, Turo will be playing the roll of Biff ... kinda-sorta. You'll see. Anyhow, we want to talk about... more

Admit it, we're over-saturated with Star Wars talk ... so Sean Dicken is here to geek out about it with us. Sean and Danimator have been existing in the parallel universe of animation and freelance via WildBrain Animation. Sean is a geek for... more

Our favorite teddy bear geek, Teddy Rubskin is back to help us talk about the best news from Comic Con. Be sure to check out Teddy's awesome channel on YouTube and Daily Motion! Subscribe! He updates often and keeps you posted... more

It's Comic Con Weekend! What a crazy fun place for geeks to get the latest awesome news and shwag for all the latest geek-pop-culture! Yeah, we're talkin' Comic Con. ...and ... well, that was the intended topic of dialog, but Biff... more

Get ready to be inspired ... Whenever Danimator mentions Pascal Campion among his artist buddies at work, the reaction is something like "OOoohh, I LOVE Pascal's work!" and usually is followed from folks who've met him with "He's... more

We're all super excited about the new Star Wars Rebels TV series ... and none more excited than Danimator's old buddy! See, Vaughn missed out on all the hype for Clone Wars, because he was involved in it as a storyboard artist before... more

Well, we already heard about the cool Lightsaber class that Danimator and his lovely wife, Maye have been attending, but we thought it'd be cool to hear more from the source ... because more Star Wars is always awesome. Instructor... more