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Biff's a geek who works in a mine and his co-workers don't know what he's talking about half the time. Danimator is an animator and knows too many geeks, because most artists are pretty geeky. So they decided to have a radio show to feed Biff's inner geek and have a great time doing it! The cardinal rule ... the hosts don't Google on the show, it's all inner knowledge, yo. So, grab a beer and enjoy the show with our weekly real-life industy-pro guests!

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It's a good time to be a geek and it's Pride Week! Time to get happy! Teddy Rubskin joins us again as we talk about Gay Pride a little ... but mostly we talk about who's gay in the geek pop-culture. It all comes back to robot balls for Biff,... more

"Hey You Guys!!" We're sharing our travel tales and adventures because we've traveled and adventured! Gus and Adam are Danimator's work pals from Storm8 and they hit Japan recently ... but for the second time (possibly more). What... more

Russ Martin, an old pal of Biff's is all about "cinema". We talk about a lot of Batman, a little Ant Man, Captain America and Wolverine. Plus, Teddy Rubskin hops in on this show and shares his opinions on things. (we think his Bat-Radar... more

Because it's always fun to talk about Batman and alter egos! Legends of the Knight is a documentary that talks about the Batman character inspiring folks in different ways. Whether it's really dressing up as the Dark Knight or just using... more

Fury Road is killing it in theaters. Yet, SO many people I talk to have NEVER SEEN the original trillogy! Say it ain't so! We're gonna talk all about the original films and dig deep into the post-apocolyptic-amazingness that is the Mad Max... more

Last episode, we talked about Avengers 2, but we kept it as non-spoiler as we could. Biff had seen the movie, but Danimator had not. This week, we get to do what we love to do most, geek-out with FULL SPOILER INTENT!! So, bring all... more

It's finally here! We're talking Avengers 2! Don't worry, Danimator has not seen it yet. Biff HAS seen it, but he won't give any awesome moments to spoil your movie-going-experience! Next show, we'll be ALL OUT talking and spoiling... more

Call it what you like, custom vinyl, artsy dolls, it's all good to us. Munny's, Dunny's ... there's a whole world out there and it's ready for your own look and feel to be applied! Or, just collect this cool stuff like Jian does! They're like ... toys meets... more

Our buddy Naz from My Way Entertainment is back! It'll be great to catch up and learn about "Overtime With Naz"! While he's here, we thought we'd fan-boy out about the Man Without Fear! The new Daredevil series on Netflix has lots of... more

Biff sent me this long-ass list of many topics for this week's episode ... "Obsucre TV shows/cartoons from the 80's. Collecting Play-Doh Why we got rid of Lawn Darts (I blame bad parenting) Greatest TV Cars Universe crossovers you would... more