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Geekerati is Geek talk for sophisticated geeks. We talk movies, novels, comic books, video games, board games, rpgs and more. If you can geek out about it, we will.

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Medievalism is Everywhere!

  • by Geekerati Radio
Last night we had a wonderful chat with Professor Richard Scott Nokes of Troy University about Popular Medievalism. We talked about what it is and where it is, and it's everywhere. We also talked about the connection between playing... more

Tonight we will be talking with Professor Richard Nokes about the phenomenon of Popular Medievalism. As consumers of entertainment, we are surrounded by medieval imagery. How well does this imagery reflect the middle ages?

Christian Johnson, Bill Cunningham, Shawna Benson, and Eric Lytle will look at the numbers and project which shows will survive until the end of the season.

BTR Host Shaun Daily will be joining us to discuss the start of this Fall's TV schedule.
Geekerati Radio

The Geekerati cohosts out-geeked each other during our Geek Quiz episode.

  • by Geekerati Radio
Early in the history of Geekerati, we decided that we should keep track of which host was the "biggest geek." One way we thought to do this was through the accumulation of "geek points" during each episode, which we might eventually... more

We're going to find out just how big a geek you are.
Geekerati Radio

Podcasting 101 and a discussion of Battlestar Galactica and shows we love.

  • by Geekerati Radio
Monday, September 9th, John C. Havens the Vice-President of Business Development for BlogTalkRadio, and host of New Media Havens here on Blog Talk Radio, stopped by to give a quick discussion of the dos and don't of... more

John C. Havens, VP of Business Development at BlogTalkRadio joins us for a discussion of podcasting. We'll learn what to do, what not to do, and what to listen to.

This week the geeks discuss our favorite pulp authors and analyze their legacy on modern storytelling.
Geekerati Radio

What do you think we should watch, read, or play?

  • by Geekerati Radio
Last night we discussed Hobby Games: The 100 Best with the volume's editor James Lowder. In the course of the discussion we made our own recommendations for shows and movies you should watch, books and comics... more
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