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Geekerati Radio

Summer Blockbuster Episode

by Geekerati Radio

 - Tue, May 15 2007

Well the first hour of Geekerati radio has been streamed and though it had a rocky start, it was an enjoyable experience.  The quality of the show should improve as we become more experienced with the medium.

In the first episode Christian Johnson began the discussion referring the audience to Anne Thompson's article about the effect blogs are having on the promotion/control of information of movies.  Blogs can be a PR representative's best friend or worst enemy and blogs rarely worry about how they insult/offend in the industry.  You can read Thompson's article on the Variety website.

After this brief introduction, Christian Johnson was joined by Eric Lytle, Steven Merrill, and Wes Kobernick who all participated in a rundown of the Summer Blockbuster season.  They expressed how much they anticipate many of the films, how they are "worried" about others, and that there are some films not even Christian will venture to see.

Have a listen and let us know what you think.

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