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Episode 106: Night's Black Agents

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Pelgrane Press is an innovative and creative gaming company that has published a number of award winning role playing games in the past decade.  They are known for their high production values, excellent writing, and innovative mechanics like their GUMSHOE mystery system. 

Over the past couple of years, Pelgrane has published GUMSHOE titles ranging from horror games like Esoterrorists and Trail of Cthulhu to science fiction like Ashen Stars and Mutant City Blues.  These games have demonstrated both the creativity of the writing bull pen, and the flexibility of the GUMSHOE mechanics.

Tonight, Geekerati is lucky enough to have one of the key talents behind Pelgrane's success.  Ken Hite is one of the shining lights of the role playing game industry.  He has worked on a number of award winning publications for many of the hobby's top publishers.

He will be joining us to talk about Pelgrane's new role playing game Night's Black Agents.  NBA is a game of espionage, action, and battling vampires.  It is Jason Bourne meets Hammer Films, or Bond meets 30 Days of Night. 

We couldn't be more excited.