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From frankenstien to sharknado this episode is about the monsters we love and why we love them. So listen to your host Vick Love and her ygor Karl Kaefer as they talk about there favorites with guests Steven m Ronquillo and a writer of a... more

It's been awhile but we're BACK and gearing up for a change and a new home. The grounds have been tested and it's time to take the training wheels off!!!! Join us Friday - April 10 as we discuss the comic book event of the Summer... more

What is the leapus? are they dangerous to us? listen as me and dr karl kafer talk about the horror classic night of the leapus In the latest editon of TALKING SMACK

Yes this is a ep of steve's video store but since this is marks baby he gets all the credit. From the novel through the first 5 films the planet of the apes franchise has always been popular. So join mark me and karl as we talk about the original 5... more

Due to the hiccup we had last week and the fact we had enough stuff left over that needed to be covered here it is folks!!! MORE LISTS! MORE DISTURBING TITLES! Every thing that you need to end a whole month of disturbingness!!! So... more

This episode will be concerning indy sci fi movies and why have they become the go to for serious sci fi fans. Along with a tribute to leonard nemoy!

OK last ep was the tease now this episode is the payoff. Our most disturbing picks for what is the most disturbing movie. So join me karl and our guest as we get down to what personaly disturbs us. With one film you won't be expecting!

Join me karl and nate bradford in the first part of our 2 part episodes on what the most disturbing movies are. The first episode is about what i call the ususal suspects the movies i have seen on 90% of all the online lists ive seen. I wanted... more

Sci fi fans and lovers listen to this and see how a real sci fi lover does a podcast. But here is Viki herself to tell you about her episode! VICK LOVE Science fiction storytelling in film is nearly as old as cinema itself. Yet it is the most... more

Ok sine sat is valentines day me and fredrick gorey 2 bitter single bastards revel in the glory that is friday the 13th part 5. So join us as we talk about our love ethel and other bizzare things in the sleaziest entry of the franchise!