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Welcome to Gecko Nation Radio. GNR is a David's Fine Geckos creation and production. Join us every Sunday night at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time live on Blog Talk Radio. This show is catered toward gecko enthusiasts in herpetoculture. We will also cover all other species topics as well from time to time. Tune in for community news, top breeder interviews, herp community personalities, prizes and giveaways and much much more. Also visit the shows facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/GeckoNationRadio We also have a family friendly group associated with the show on facebook called Gecko Nation. Apply for membership today at : https://www.facebook.com/groups/199079503603388 Your friend in herpetoculture, Dave from David's Fine Geckos facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidsfinegeckos

On-Demand Episodes

Yes you heard that right. The snake guru himself has fallen for Leopard Geckos! All you hardcore snake fans probably didn't think that could happen. Well, we will get into Brian's new interest in these awesome lizards and also cover his other... more

Tuesday 5/6/14 at 8:00 P.M. Eastern Time: How to ship your animals with Reptiles Express In this very special episode we will be talking with Michael Houtzager and Debbie Price of Reptiles Express. If you ship your animals or are... more

In this episode we will host an evening of open lines. We may even make a few of our own phone calls. To participate call 646-478-5331. We will of course do our nightly raffle for callers. The prize will be announced during the show. So far... more

Join us for a Gecko Nation Radio exclusive interview with Matt Baronak of Sasobek Reptiles. Matt is known world over for his morph combos and special projects such as the G-Project. He has pioneered the White & Yellow gene here... more

Marcia Mc Guiness and I will be hosting an evening of open lines and unscripted conversation. Call in and be a part of the fun! The call in number is 646-478-5331. Follow the Gecko Nation Radio facebook page for show links, info and contests:... more

In this episode we will cover Sean Holliday's amazing inventions related to incubation of reptile eggs. With in depth research and development he has been able to create some very functional tools for gecko breeders. As with any great... more

In this episode we are speaking with Gary Orner of Orner Exotics and The Gecko Blog on facebook. Gary has kept venomous snakes and now he specializes in Leopard Gecko morphs. Our discussion will range from husbandry, morphs,... more

Steve Sykes owner of Geckos Etc. has been keeping and breeding reptiles for 18 years. He specializes in Leopard Gecko morphs, Fat Tail Geckos, Australian Knob Tail Geckos and Western Hognose Snakes. Steve is a respected... more

Kristi Housman of Goulish geckos has been dubbed the Eclipse Queen for her interest and work with that particular morph. This episode will cover a wide variety of Leopard Gecko topics such as husbandry techniques and morph... more

Dave Durham is a long time keeper of very larger monitors and Iguanas. Living in sunny California he is able to let his reptiles roam free in his backyard which is set up for the various species to be more than content. What's even more... more
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