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Are you a Toy collector? Do you love hearing about diverse toys? Then ToyCast is the place for you. The guys talk about their collections each episode.

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A Crossover between ToyCast and All Things Transformers! PecanCtMichael joins TFG1Mike to review Transformers Legacy. The new art book by Jim Sorenson and Bill Forster! After they discuss the awesomeness that is Legacy... more

Hello ToyCast Fans! This will serve as ToyCast Ep 98, a Crossover with From The Command Center!!! Scotty, Mike, and Spada talk about a lot of Power Rangers toys, merch, and so much more!!! So get your Power Rangers zords... more

It’s Holiday timez again! Callykarishokka joins TFG1Mike to talk about the puggles he’s gotten in 2012. Cally also reveals never before heard stories of how certain aspects of the puggles have carried on over the years. So... more

There are only three episodes left here on ToyCast, and this one is a special episode. As we are recording it one year since OptimusScourge passed away. Remembering OptimusScourge Transformers Prime Christmas Ornaments They... more

Well we are doing yet another special episode. This time SlimeBlower Bob and Optibotimus join TFG1Mike to talk about the Toy Reality TV Shows. Geeks: Mike “TFG1? Blanchard Paul “Optibotimus” Reinhart Bob... more

Well we are doing yet another special episode. This time David Draper from Dave and Devall’s Toys and Collectibles has joined TFG1Mike to talk about online fandoms. Toy World Order Geeks: Mike “TFG1? Blanchard David Draper... more

We are four episodes away from ToyCast’s grand finale. TFG1Mike invites Dave and Devall back to return to the roots of ToyCast. Devall talks about his set of Talking Toys Big Bird, Oscar the Grouch, and Cookie Monster.... more

Recorded in the not to distant past, TFG1Mike has Dave and Devall on. This time we talk about the experience of SDCC, and not being able to attend the 2012 Con. ToyWorldOrder Geeks: Mike “TFG1? Blanchard Jason Devall... more

July 27-29th was the 10th annual TF Con in Toronto. This year GCRN’s own Steve/Megatron got to attend! In The 94th ep of ToyCast Protoman gives us the recap of all the events, and Steve talks about the time that he had. Geeks:... more

MattyCollector’s Evil Ways! Since SDCC 2012 there have been news items going around the internet of Mattel’s price hike, and mattycollector’s subscribe or die campaign. OK Well not Sub or Die, but... more