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This is the show that takes Beast Wars & Machines breaking them down by episode in this limited run podcast based off these series of Transformers cartoons

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This time we bring you a new type of interview. This one being one of Shout! Factory’s DVD Producers, Brian Ward. Brian has worked on the Beast Wars DVD Collection, Rocko’s Modern Life, JEM, and More!... more

One year ago to the date that TFG1Mike, Steve/Megatron, and PecanCtMichael started The Beast Unleashed Podcast and now we end it. Geeks: Steve “Megatron” Phillips Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard Michael... more

In this over two hour interview with Mr. Skir, one of the men behind Beast Machines, sits down with TFG1Mike, Steve/Megatron and PecanCtMichael. Geeks: Steve “Megatron” Phillips Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard... more

The guys have finally come to the Beast Machines recap which is rounding that series off leaving us with the last episode of TBU. Geeks: Steve “Megatron” Phillips Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard Michael... more

In the 28th episode of TBU, the guys review the last four episodes of Beast Machines in this spectacular finale to the series. The episodes include: Spark of Darkness, Endgame (1): The Downward Spiral, Endgame (2): When Legends... more

In the 27th episode of TBU TFG1Mike and Steve/Megatron aren’t all the way there…. Have we phoned this one in? Nah not really, but it probably is one of the shorter TBU Episodes. We cover the three parter... more

In this almost two hour interview with Larry DiTillio PecanCtMichael and TFG1Mike are thrilled to be talking to one of the coolest writers in animation. Larry DiTillio takes us through his filmation days, Beast Wars, Babylon 5, and so... more

In the 26th episode of TBU the guys review In Darkest Knight, A Wolf in the Fold and Home Soil. Geeks: Steve “Megatron” Phillips Mike “TFG1″ Blanchard Michael “PecanCtMichael” Wilson... more

In the 25th episode of TBU we start Season 2 of Beast Machines. TFG1Mike, Steve/Megatron, and PecanCtMichael celebrate the 25th episode with reviews of The Fallout, Savage/Noble, and Prometheus Unbound. With only 5 episodes... more

In episode 24 TBU has hit the first episode actually over the two hour mark. We cover the final four episodes of Beast Machines Season 1 those being Survivor, The Key, The Catalyst, and End Of The Line. More dark hilarity... more