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A Night with Terri Williams

  • Broadcast in Paranormal
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My name is Terri Williams. I am a Mother, a wife, and also an Author to a new book called...A Haunting Among Friends. But I am no stranger to paranormal phenomenon. I had my first spirit encounter at the tender age of 5. Of course, at such a young age, I was TERRIFIED, but as I grew older and continued to have experiences, such as, hearing voices, hearing unknown footsteps, I would learn that in the world of paranormal phenomenon there were far bigger things that I would experience. I would get that chance at the age of 12. It was the summer of 1987 that I would meet the person that would change my life and my concept of paranormal activity altogether. The person I'm speaking of is my best friend, Nicholas. He introduced myself and 2 of my cousins to a far scarier place than we had ever been exposed to. Nicholas lived in a real haunted house, where I would personally experience, evil laughter, knocking on windows that are 7 feet off of the ground, shadows, pictures spinning on the walls that they were hanging on, but to look behind them, they weren't hanging on anything, just spinning in mid air. Apparitions would appear also, but I'm glad I wasn't around to see them. These encounters caused the birth of my book, and it also encouraged us to form our own ghost hunting group in North Alabama. We don't do this for any scientific reasons, we do it for our own enjoyment, it's a great stress reliever, believe it or not. I am 32 years old now, and I still have experiences, but nothing like the ones I've just described. I do live in an old plantation house, so I know that I have at least 7 spirits living here as well. I see shadows moving out of the corner of my eye, and hear walking upstair