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Gateway 8


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Philosophical Gadfly and magician of imagination, K.H. marZ hosts GATEWAY 8 to explore frontiers of philosophy, cosmology, and human consciousness.

On-Demand Episodes

Spinbitz is a scientifically relevant philosophical system of ideas that teaches one how to foundationalize their core conceptual beliefs upon the ever-changing background of reality. This is an intro episode with Joel Mirrison, the visionary... more

"An Answer to Job" is one of Carl Jung's most fascinating and non-apologetic works of psycho-spiritual understanding. Effectively, He analyzes the Historical Human Being within the archetypal framework of Christianity, Gnosticism, and... more

Anonymity of the Collective Soul is breaking through as a voice of the nameless. How can we understand this new breahtrhough? Where do we go from here? Perhaps 2012 is the occurrence of eternal return where the revolution finds a... more

Open to the forefront of philosophy.

How to rage against the machine, what's the deal with 2012, who are the aliens, is there a government conspiracy or a conspiracy of the ego against the Self, the nature of spirit and Soul, the relationship of technology to enlightenment, the... more

It's the end of the New World Order. Join me as we bury the bullshit of the past, and create our own future. It's time to overcome the mainstream figments of imagination, and take control over our own understanding of the future. Please... more

Alchemy is more than just something you do in a laboratory. It is a spiritual path leading one to enlightenment—to evolving. It can be thought of as a psycho-physiological transformation directed by human self-consciousness. -... more

[Of the Philosopher's Stone] … It is something that behaves like imagination and matter without ever doing damage to the ontological status of one or the other. This sounds like pure pathology in the context of modern thinking... more

In seeking truth, we come to crossroads where we must make a choice. This choice is a psycho-spiritual emblem of our heart's destined meaning, or a sign pointing to the mystery that lies within a cavern of the innermost secret. This... more

KH marZ will discuss ancient cosmological principles and what they signify for 2012. A deep look at Mayan archaeoastronomy and the underlying metaphysical principles will lead to practical understanding for personal approaches to... more