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Donna Schmid Success Coach

Donna Schmid Success Coach

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I Healed Myself from Cancer!

Wake up and STOP being brainwashed by western medicine.  You can stop believing that the only way to defeat cancer is with chemotherapy and radiation.  There is another way!

My guest, Tamara St. John did just that.  When diagnosed in 2009 with breast cancer, she was unemployed, no health insurance and determined to find an alternative therapy to cure her cancer.

In her book, "Defeat Cancer Now", she provides easy to undertand healing solutions for cancer, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, candida, parasites, inflammation and MORE!

Don't Miss this Extraordinary Show - Your Life or Someone You Know May Depend On It!

To order "Defeat Cancer Now" go directly to Tamara's website - 


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